The Life Cycle Achievement

  • The Life Cycle



    Properly place the missing items on six statues.

    Once the sundial is filled with the glowing mixture, head back to the area with the statue with the mechanical bird. There will now be six illuminated statues that have risen. Place the item mentioned on each.

    1. Sun statue - Place the sun lantern here. In the scene with the glowing tree, use the kaleidoscope to open the box in the grass. The lantern is inside that box. See "It's Not Just A Toy" for the location of the kaleidoscope.
    2. Flower statue - Place the star flower here. First, get the trowel. See #3 in "The Glow" achievement for the location. Use the trowel on the grub-infested log near the glowing tree on the ground to get some grubs. Use the grubs on the carnivorous plant to the left of the glowing tree to get the star flower.
    3. Wind statue - Place the wind chime here. In the glowing tree scene, zoom in on the branches of the tree on the left. The wind chime is in plain sight in this screen.
    4. Butterfly statue - Place the glowing butterfly here. First you need to find the crystal leaves. In the scene with the glowing tree, zoom in on the upper left portion of the tree to its branches. Get the crystal leaves from the top left portion of the screen. Then go across the lagoon. In the shrine area with the glowing mixture basin, turn around and place the crystal leaves in their missing location in the pillar. A butterfly will come out of a cocoon. Collect that butterfly.
    5. Seed statue - Place the bag of seeds here. In the scene with the sundial, zoom in on the black gravestone directly behind the sundial. It is to the left, resting in a bush.
    6. Sprout statue - Place the sprout here. In the scene with the sundial, zoom in on the large black gravestone on the left. It is right in front of the gravestone. It is the small plant.

    Once all the items are placed in their respective statues, the original statue with the mechanical bird will become illuminated and the achievement will unlock.


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