Date with Destiny Achievement

  • Date with Destiny



    Enter the Great Hall and speak with the Elders.

    After completing all 3 trials and collecting all the items mentioned in the "Trials and Tribulations" achievement, return to the ceremonial plaza. Zoom in on the gate to the right. Place the stone fang, metal chain, stone paw, jaguar hammer, gong, and jewel eye in the correct locations to open the door to the temple.

    Go into the door to the left in the temple scene. Complete this Hidden Object game to obtain the family crest. Click on the temple guard and talk with him. *MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT* - Page Flipper - See description. Complete the bloodline puzzle to get the ceremonial clothes. You can now enter the temple. Once inside, insert the family crest to start a puzzle. Complete the puzzle to summon the Elders. Achievement unlocks. Episode Two complete.


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