Missed It by That Much Achievement

  • Missed It by That Much



    Build the tower of stones on the far-right platform in the strength trial.


    Make sure you get this when your reach the 3 Trials towards the end of the game. If you miss it, you will have to play the entire Episode over again to reach this point. *SPOILERS* When you are doing the strength trial in the right door of ceremonial plaza, you need to assemble the statue on the far-right platform, not the middle one like you are supposed to. This puzzle is fairly simple to complete. One of the possible solutions to this achievement is seen below. Do the steps in order. 1 = Left Platform, 2 = Center Platform, 3 = Right Platform.

    1>2, 1>3, 2>3, 1>2, 3>1, 3>2, 1>2, 1>3, 2>3, 2>1, 3>1, 2>3, 1>2, 1>3, 2>3


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