The Tower Achievement

  • The Tower



    Find your way into Amaro's tower.

    From the beginning of the game, you will need to do the following:

    Open the main door at end of bridge:

    • Pole - Zoom-in on the broken railing on the left side of the bridge. It is in plain sight.
    • Quetzal Piece 1/3 - Next to the bowl on the ground on the right side of the bridge.
    • Quetzal Piece 2/3 - There are two hanging bowls on the left side of the bridge. In the rightmost of the two, is a piece. Click it to make it fall and then click it again to collect.
    • Quetzal Piece 3/3 - Use the pole on the netting that is tucked up by the hanging bowls on the left to make the butterfly net. Use this net over the side of the broken bridge on the left to collect the final piece.
    • Use the three Quetzal pieces to open the main door at the end of the bridge.

    Get up to the balcony:

    • Old iron key - Click the big blue rock in this room to do a puzzle and get this as the reward.
    • Grappling hook and brass door handle - Take the key back to the wooden closet beneath the hanging bowls on the left side of the bridge. Complete the Hidden Object Scene to get these items.
    • Use the grappling hook on the balcony to climb up.

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