We Have Liftoff Achievement

  • We Have Liftoff



    Build Amaro's flying machine and escape the tower.

    Find the three wires to open the door to the lab area (right of the sappy tree):

    • Exotic fruit - In the plant area, click on the large bulbous plant on the ground next to the colored flasks. Complete the puzzle for this.
    • Green wire - Click on the bird cage in the middle of the scene. Use the exotic fruit on the bird to get it to drop the wire. Collect the wire.
    • Drill crank - Complete the Hidden Object scene in the study (click on the desk) to get this item.
    • Secret book - After revealing the secret message with the sap in the library, click on the parchment with the message on it first, and then the secret book that materializes.
    • Drill bit and landmark clues - Use the secret book on the empty spot on the bookshelf in the library. Complete the puzzle for these items.
    • Orange wire and blueprints - Take the drill crank and drill bit back to the second area of the episode (the room with the grappling hook and balcony). Use the crank on the drill. Click the drill to run it. The bit will break. Use the drill bit on the drill. Click the drill again to run it. It will reveal these items in the box.
    • Violet wire - In the plant area, in front of the bird cage, there are two flower pots on the ground. Click on the one to the right and it will spill, revealing this item.
    • Use the three colored wires on the panel next to the door to open the lab.

    Reveal the path with the telescope:

    • Large eclipse crest - In the lab area (with the fire), zoom-in on the fire. Collect the crest from the foreground (it is green).
    • Butterfly glyph and engine - In the observatory (scene with telescope), look at your feet. Click on the wooden trap door and complete the puzzle to earn these.
    • Small eclipse piece - Return to the lab room. Zoom-in on the small desk to the left. Use the butterfly glyph on the small box to unlock it. Collect the item.
    • Red ball - In the lab room, zoom-in on the small desk to the left. The item is in plain sight.
    • Return to the observatory. Look left (opposite side as the telescope) and click on the door. Insert the two eclipse pieces in the door panel. A puzzle will emerge from the ground. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT: "Master Astronomer." Complete it to open that door to the glider area.
    • Tongs and handle bars- Complete the Hidden Object Scene in the glider area.
    • Lens - Return to the lab and zoom-in on the fire. Use the tongs to grab the lens through the flames.
    • Return to the observatory. Zoom-in on the telescope. Use the lens and landscape clues to ready the telescope. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT: "Master Cartographer."
    • Complete this puzzle to learn the way to the next episode.

    Build the glider:

    • You should already have the handlebars and engine. See above if you do not.
    • Wire cutters - Head out to the observatory (area with telescope). Zoom-in on the telescope. Collect these from the bottom of the screen.
    • Wings - In the lab room, use the wire cutters twice on the area above the fire to get this item.
    • Fuel recipe - A note will also fall from using the wire cutters, landing on the table to the right. Click the note to collect it.
    • Sponge - In the glider scene, on the ground to the left. It is yellow.
    • Soaked Sponge - Use the sponge on the blue spill on the ground of the lab scene.
    • Mixed Fuel - Click on the table in the middle of the lab room. Click the book to insert the missing page (the recipe). Then use the soaked sponge on the beaker to the left to make the fuel.
    • Head to the glider area. Place the blueprints on the stand. Then assemble with wings, engine, and handle bars onto the glider. Complete the puzzle to finalize the assembly.
    • Then use the fuel on the glider. Click on the glider to conclude the episode.

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