Master Cartographer Achievement

  • Master Cartographer



    Find all landmarks through the observatory telescope in under two minutes.

    *MISSABLE* Once you insert the lens and landmark clues paper into the telescope, click on it to use it. You will then need to guide the telescope around to the 6 landmarks on the screen in under 2 minutes. There is no timer, so you just have to be quick. You will need to use the dial around the viewfinder to focus the telescope at each landmark until the game recognizes and spins the cross-hairs within the viewfinder. This may be tricky to complete on your first attempt going in blind. Below is a description of how to best attempt navigating the telescope, as well as an image to go along with it showing the locations on screen and what exactly you should be looking for. Definitely read ahead a little here before starting the telescope sequence.

    1. From the start, head straight upwards until you see a fuzzy blackish object. Stop there and focus to see the obsidian obelisk.
    2. Then head down and to the right until you see some orange trees. Follow these orange trees down and to the left until the last one, which is actually an orange rock. Focus on this fiery rock.
    3. Then follow the orange trees back up and to the right. Once you reach the greyish cliff area, focus to see the bird made out of sticks and leaves.
    4. Now head quickly down to the very bottom of the screen. Place the view right between the "Instructions" tab and the "Gaze to the far southwest" tabs. Focus on this bird of sticks and leaves in the grassy area.
    5. Now move the view straight up to the very top of the screen and focus on the green vegetation on top of the muddy cliff.
    6. Finally, move the view down a tad and to the left to find a small village. Focus on it.



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