Home Away From Home Achievement

  • Home Away From Home



    Discover Amaro's secret workshop behind the waterfall.


    Make your way down the valley:

    • Bottle opener and Empty oil can - Hidden Object scene near the crashed glider.
    • Pliers - Zoom in on the bottom of the glider to the compartment with rusty hinges. They are on the ground.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (1/7): On the rock to the right in the scene with the crashed glider.
    • Tree branch - From the glider scene, zoom towards the Radical Camp (to the left). On the right, above the rocks.
    • Rope - Use the tree branch to grab the tree out of the rope in the glider scene.
    • Zoom-in on the Radical Camp area. Use the rope on the large rock to make a rappel line. Rappel down to the entrance to the Radical Camp.

    Find a way through the gate to the camp:

    • Blue glyph - In the camp entrance, it is on the wooden structure in the left of the scene.
    • Lens (1/5) - In the right of the scene, behind a smoking piece of wood.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (2/7): Above the stone gate to the Radical Camp.
    • Green glyph - Tap on the boulder blocking the hut straw-roofed hut entrance and complete the orb minigame to move the boulder. This item is under the boulder after it moves.
    • Zoom into the hut. Use the bottle opener on the jug to the right. Then use the empty oil can on it to fill the can.
    • Red glyph - In the hut, use the pliers on the stuck compartment to the left. This is inside.
    • Lens (2/5) - Head back to the glider scene. Zoom in to the compartment with the rusty hinges. Use the filled oil can on it and grab the lens.
    • Use the 3 glyphs on the stone door in the entrance to the Radical Camp. Head inside to the waterfall scene.

    Open the door to Amaro's secret workshop:

    • ADERA SYMBOL (3/7): Carved into the steps on the right side of this scene.
    • Lens (3/5) and Winding Key - Complete the Hidden Object scene in the foreground of the waterfall scene.
    • Head further, into the next scene, the abandoned marketplace.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (4/7): At your feet in the marketplace (look down at the stone blocks).
    • Lens (4/5) - After entering the marketplace scene from the waterfall scene, turn around. There will be a wooden stall to your right. Zoom in on it and the lens is on the table next to the box.
    • Snake Crest and Prism - In the same zoom, use the winding key on the music box to open it. These are inside.
    • Lens (5/5) - In the marketplace scene, look to the left for another stall the has gem scales on it. Zoom in on it. To the right you will see thing hanging on a chain.
    • Head back to the waterfall scene and to the right of the waterfall there is a stone pillar with a cross on it. Zoom-in and use the orb to complete the puzzle. Then, when the door opens, use the prism and the 5 lens on the panel. This will open the door behind the waterfall.
    • Achievement unlocked!

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