Race to the Finish Achievement

  • Race to the Finish



    Escape the abandoned plaza and make your way into the jungle.


    Open the marketplace exit door:

    • Pyramid Pearl - From the secret room, zoom-in on the safe again. Use the scissors to cut the wire around the box to open it and collect this.
    • Broken Key (2/2) - In the cocoon room, collect this from the left side of the scene in plain sight.
    • Cube Pearl - Zoom-in on the cocoon and complete the puzzle to open a compartment containing this.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (7/7): In the cocoon scene, on the left side under the wooden contraption, carved into stone.
    • Padlock key - Head back to the blue crystal scene. Zoom-in on the area to the right. There will be a blue welding flame. Use the 2 broken key pieces on it to repair the key. Make sure to collect the key.
    • Block of wood - Back in the blue crystal room, look up and use the padlock key on the hatch with chains around it. A ladder will fall, as well as this block of wood. Make sure to grab it from the ground.
    • Wood slat - Head to the marketplace (climb the ladder) and zoom-in on the gem weighing stall. Use the cube, pyramid, and sphere pearls on the platforms to open a compartment containing this.
    • Blue butterfly glyph - Head back to the cocoon scene and zoom-in on the wooden contraption to the left. Use the wooden block and wooden slat on it to get this item.
    • Head back to the marketplace and use the blue and green glyphs on the door to open it.
    • Find all 7 Adera symbols before progressing as you will not be able to come back to this part of the episode. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "I've Seen This Before.."
    • Head through the door when ready to begin Part 2 of the episode.
    • Achievement unlocked!

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