Tap Tap Tap Achievement

  • Tap Tap Tap



    Pop 20 bubbles in the Orb Shifting game within the Jungle Cavern.

    This achievement requires that you tap a cumulative total of 20 bubbles in the Orb Shifting game. This game is located in the Jungle Cavern, which is the area where you must remove the fallen rocks to proceed. After diverting the blue glow to the fallen rocks, click them to activate this puzzle. This puzzle involves tapping shapes when the orange color shrinks and "focuses" them. Bubbles only spawn from the diamond shapes, not the circles or squares. Tap them when the orange diamond focuses and bubbles will appear (anywhere from 3 to 8 per diamond). Then tap all of the bubbles as fast as you can. Getting 20 should be no problem for anyone. You will be making progress with nodes across the top of the screen from right to left. If you did not have 20 and are almost all the way to the finish on the left, mess up several nodes in a row. This will more you farther from the finish and allow more diamonds to spawn with bubbles for you to pop. 


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