Modern Art Achievement

  • Modern Art



    Repair the glass mural and open the path to the corrupted swamp.


    Exit the camp to find Hawk:

    • ADERA SYMBOL (1/10): Right above the man that gave you the pennant, on the wooden beam.
    • Stone dagger - In the same scene, zoom-in on the box in the back right. To the right of the box is this item.
    • Stone hammer - Head back to the jungle scene where you started this part of the episode. Zoom-in on the wooden box on the ground. Collect the hammer in plain sight.
    • Silver wire (1/2) - Use the stone dagger on the wooden box to open it.
    • Hooked rod - Turn around and use the stone hammer on the lock of the wooden shed. Complete the Hidden Object scene to get this item.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (2/10): Just to the left of the wooden shed in the jungle is a tall wooden stake, with a spike at the top. The symbol is carved into this stake.
    • Silver wire (2/2) - In the jungle scene, turn around to see a door with a torch on either side. To the right, in the bushes, you will find this.
    • Use the pennant on this door. Then use the two silver wires on the electrical panel to the left of the door. Complete the puzzle to open the door. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Fire Wire."
    • Head into the newly opened door to a scene with a blue fountain of liquid.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (3/10): Immediately turn around and look at the door you just entered through. On the rock face, above and to the right is the symbol.
    • Rope - In the blue fountain scene, look at your feet to find this.
    • Clay pipe piece (1/3) - Turn around and look at the ground to find this.
    • Clay pipe piece (2/3) - To the left, near the pool of glow, above is another piece.
    • Clay pipe piece (3/3) - Look up and to the right of the fallen rocks to find a skylight. Near this is the final clay pipe.
    • To the right of the fallen rocks, zoom in on tan slab. Use the rope on the slab to raise it. Then use the 3 clay pipes on the raised slab to extend the tube to the rocks. Finally, use the stone hammer on the small rock that is blocking the glow from flowing into the tube you just created.
    • Tap the glowing fallen rocks and complete the puzzle to move the rocks. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Tap Tap Tap."

    Open the gate leading farther into the jungle:

    • ADERA SYMBOL (4/10): IN the helicopter scene, to the right of Hawk's helicopter. It is on the ground, carved into a rock.
    • Mirror shard - Zoom-in on the cockpit of the helicopter. Click on the walkie-talkie and complete the puzzle. After the scene, pick up the glass where the walkie-talkie was.
    • Wise elder glyph - In the helicopter scene, zoom-in on the stone pillar to the right. Collect this item in plain sight.
    • Brilliant elder glyph - Head back to the scene with the blue fountain of goo. Look at the pool, then turn around to see a dark hole. Zoom-in on it, then use the mirror shard to reflect light into the hole so you can see. Then use the hooked rod on the hole to pull out this item. Collect it from the ground.
    • Activation gear - Head back to the room where you talked to the Radicals. In the back right, zoom-in on the box. Use the wise elder and brilliant elder glyphs on the box to open it. Collect this.
    • Glass centerpiece - Head back to the helicopter scene and zoom-in on the pillar to the right. Use the activation gear and complete the puzzle to open the door. Be sure to collect the centerpiece that pops out the right side of the pillar after completing the puzzle.

    Repair the bridge to the swamplands:

    • Head into the next area, the bridge scene. Use the hooked rod on the vines to pull them down. Then pull the vines in this order (I am labeling them from left to right with the numbers 1 through 4). Pull 2,1,3,2,3,1. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Bridge Builder."

    Unlock the gate to the swamp:

    • Now that the bridge is fixed, head across. The new scene will have a large tree stump in the middle.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (5/10): Right at the base of the tree stump you will see some boxes. The symbol is etched onto one of them.
    • Glowing crest - Zoom-in on the large gate on the left to the swamp. It is to the right in plain sight.
    • Glass ring - Zoom-in on the tree stump area. Complete the tasks to prepare the lid on the stone box. Then use the glowing crest on it to open the box. Collect the ring.
    • Zoom-in on the gate to the swamp (to left in the tree stump scene). Use the glass ring and the glass centerpiece to activate the puzzle. Click on the rotation puzzle and complete it to open the gate to the swamp.
    • Achievement unlocked!

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