Orb-Colored Glasses Achievement

  • Orb-Colored Glasses



    Unlock the orb's ability to see through illusions and take it for a test drive.


    Repair the corruption in front of the Blue Grotto:

    • Head into the swamp through the door just opened.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (6/10): In the swamp scene, above and to the right of the passage to the Blue Grotto, carved into the rockface.
    • Candle - In the swamp scene, complete the Hidden Object scene to get this.
    • Click on the Blue Grotto door and complete the puzzle to remove the corruption barrier and open the path forward.

    Power up your orb:

    • In the Blue Grotto, you need to power up 7 glyphs by tapping them (they look like dominos). 2 glyphs are directly at your feet in the room (look down). Look at the base of the alter for 1 glyph. There are 2 glyphs right above the alter. When looking at the alter, turn around and look up to find the last 2 glyphs.
    • Once you activate the glyphs, turn around and look at the large map on the floor. Tap each crystal that emerged so that it is glowing. This will reveal 7 point on the map. You need to memorize their exact locations and then zoom-in on the wall map to the left and recreate the map from the floor.
    • Gold sphere - Once all locations are correct on the wall map, a gold sphere will be revealed.
    • Zoom-in on the alter and complete the puzzle to open up two platforms on the alter. Place the gold sphere on the left platform. This will open up a furnace to your right.
    • While still zoomed into the alter, use the candle on the flame in the middle of the alter to light the candle. Then zoom-in on the furnace and use the lit candle to light the furnace. This will activate a pillar puzzle behind you.
    • Silver sphere - Complete the pillar puzzle by tapping the colored pillar in this order: green, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange. The compartment will open in the rocks to the right of the puzzle. Grab the item from there.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (7/10): Just to the right of where the hatch for the silver sphere was, in the cracks of the rocks, look closely to notice this symbol carved into the rock.
    • Zoom-in on the alter again and use the silver sphere on the right platform. Now click the central flame of the alter and complete the orb puzzle. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "No Node Left Behind."
    • You will now have the power to go into Orb-view. Click on the glowing orb in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Achievement unlocked!

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