I’ve Definitely Seen This Before Achievement

  • I’ve Definitely Seen This Before



    Examine ten symbols of Adera in Part 2 of the episode.

    There are a total of 17 Adera symbols that need to be examined (i.e. clicked or tapped) spread across Episode 5. They are usually quite visible, but some of them are very trick to find. 

    There are 7 in the first part of the episode. Make sure you have all of them and have already unlocked the achievement before progressing to far (the game will warn you when you wont be able to come back). Similarly, in part 2 of the episode there are 10 Adera symbols to find. These should be collected before you complete the final puzzle, but do not have to be as you can load you last checkpoint after beating the game. There is one achievement for finding all the symbols in each part of the episode. See the locations below. 

    PART 1 of the EPISODE:

    1. In the scene with the crashed glider, on the rock to the right.
    2. In the scene with the stone gate to the Radical Camp, above the gate.
    3. In the scene with the waterfall, carved into one of the steps on the right.
    4. In the abandoned marketplace scene, look down at the ground. It is carved into a stone.
    5. In Amaro's secret room (that is behind the waterfall), look under the table in the middle of the room for a piece of paper.
    6. In the blue crystal room, look up at the wooden beam directly above you.
    7. In the cocoon scene, on the left side, under the wooden box, carved into the stone.

    PART 2 of the EPISODE:

    1. In the scene where you talk to the Radicals, right above the man that gives you the pennant, on the wooden beam.
    2. In the scene with the wooden shed, to the left of the shed there is a wooden stake. Look near the top of this stake.
    3. In the scene with the fallen rocks and blue fountain, look towards the bright sunlight. It is above and to the left of the sun hole.
    4. In the helicopter scene, to the right, carved into a rock on the ground.
    5. In the tree stump scene, right near the stump there are some boxes. It is carved into one of them.
    6. In the corrupt swamp scene, right above and to the right of the Blue Grotto door, carved into the rock wall.
    7. In the Blue Grotto, just to the right of the hatch where the silver sphere comes out of, in a crack in the rocks. Very hard to see (this area is just to the left of the map on the WALL).
    8. In the scene inside Amaro's invisible hut. On the bed there are some belt-like objects. It is on one of those.
    9. In the courtyard scene, outside the Great Hall, move the screen all the way up and to the right to find this symbol carved into the rock wall.
    10. In the Great Hall scene, right above the blue face structure in front of you.

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