Balance Has Been Restored Achievement

  • Balance Has Been Restored



    Stop the Elders' plot and save the Aderans from encapsulation.


    Get the item for Amaro so he can open the gate to the city:

    • Snake key - Amaro will talk to you and tell you Hawk got captured and you need to stop the Elder encapsulation process. After the cutscene, take this key from Amaro's hand.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (8/10): There are some belt-type things laying on the bed in Amaro's hut. On the white part of one of them, you will find this symbol.
    • Glass kaleidoscope - Head all the way back to the cave with the blue fountain. Use the snake key on the locked box near the blue pool to get this.
    • Stone box key - Head into the swamp scene and zoom-in on the area to the left. Hand the glass kaleidoscope to Amaro. He will use it and return to you this key.
    • Crystal kaleidoscope - Head back into the invisible hut (must be in orb-view to enter) and zoom-in on the stone box. Use the stone box key to open it and get this item.
    • Head back to Amaro in the swamp and use the crystal kaleidoscope item on him. Click on the door and complete the puzzle to open it.
    Confront the Elders in the Great Hall:
    • Blue artifact - Head into the new area, the Great Hall courtyard. Complete the Hidden Object scene to get this.
    • ADERA SYMBOL (9/10): In the courtyard, scroll your screen so you can see all the way to the upper right, above the animal statue. The symbol is carved into the wall here.
    • Use the blue artifact on the door straight ahead. Switch into Orb-view and tap on all 4 of the hidden blue locks on the door to open it. Head inside.
    Destroy the encapsulation chambers:
    • ADERA SYMBOL (10/10): Right above the blue face structure, carved into the rock.
    • Aderan glyph piece (1/2) - Tap the Adera-shaped console in front of you to activate a puzzle behind you. Back out and look to your left to a pillar. Zoom-in on it. Go into Orb-view and complete the puzzle and collect this item.
    • Aderan glyph piece (2/2) - After completing the last puzzle, another will become active to your right. Click on the pillar and go into Orb-view to start this similar puzzle. Complete it and collect the item.
    • Make sure you have all 10 Adera symbols before proceeding. MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "I've Definitely Seen This Before."
    • Now with both pieces, zoom-in on the Adera console and use the pieces on it. Complete the puzzle to finish the episode! MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: "Labyrinth Leader."
    • Achievement unlocked!

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