Fire Wire Achievement

  • Fire Wire



    Complete the Glider Wire Puzzle and the Radicals’ Camp Wire Puzzle in less than one minute each.

    This achievement requires that you complete the wire puzzle in the Glider AND the wire puzzle in the Radical's Camp both in under 1 minutes each in the same playthrough of the game. Each of these games have three rounds that get more difficult as you progress. You have 1 minute total to complete all three rounds. This minigame has the gameplay of a puzzle game called Flow if you have ever played that. Basically there are electrical nodes on a grid that must be connected with wires while not overlapping with other ones. Looking at the solutions, you should have no problem getting this achievement. The first wire puzzle is right at the beginning of the game in the glider. The second one is about half way through the episode, just after you talk to the Radicals. See the photos below for solutions. I found it easiest to draw out the short paths first and save the long ones for last.

    Glider Wire Puzzle:


    Radical's Camp Wire Puzzle:


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