Blackout Achievement

  • Blackout



    Fill every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider.

    This achievement requires that you completely fill the boards on all three rounds of the Glider Wire Puzzle with wires so that not even a single space is open. You do not need to actually complete the puzzle this way, just fill the board and hit the "reset" button in the top right corner of the screen. This should be done on a separate play of the game as doing this will prevent you from getting the "Fire Wire" achievement. This is no big deal because this is the episode's first mini-game and only takes about 30 seconds to reach from the start of the Episode. Start the mini-game, completely fill the first board, hit reset, complete the first board legit. Fill the second board up, hit reset, then complete it for real. Do the same with the third. The achievement will pop as soon as you fill up all spaces of the third board.


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