Labyrinth Leader Achievement

  • Labyrinth Leader



    Complete the Maze Puzzle in the Great Hall with only 10 maze rotations.

    This achievement requires that you complete the Maze Puzzle in the Great Hall by rotating the maze only 10 times. This is the game's final puzzle. You need to get a ball through a maze and into an exit hole. The catch is the rotation needed to do so. This makes it a very tricky puzzle and almost impossible to do in only 10 rotations without a solution. See the pictures below to make this achievement a breeze. In the pictures, where BOTH rotation and movement are occurring, do the movement first, then rotation. 

    NOTE: If you for some reason mess up this puzzle, do not worry because after you complete the game you can reload your last checkpoint, which is just moments before this puzzle. Make sure to hit "Continue Game" and NOT "New Game" to reattempt.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:


  • thnx a lot for the steps...they really work...but the achievement won't unlock...r u sure that i don't have to start a new game???

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