Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
Offline: 24 (1000)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-10 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Multiple playthroughs may require if you missed a collectible or forgot to do something)
Missable achievements: 8 ("I See You," "Snail's Pace," "Wrong Number," "Radio Starchie," "Stretch Goals," "Combo Time," "New to Ooo," "Flimpin' The Diode")
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes available
Extra equipment needed?: None


This fully 3D Adventure Time game gives you the chance to completely explore the land of Ooo with Finn and Jake. After discovering a ticker-tape machine that prints out mysteries, Finn and Jake go into the investigation business. In a series of connected adventures, they explore iconic AT locations like the Candy Kingdom and Wizard City to solve the mysterious cases. Along the way, they'll interact with all of the best-loved characters from the show. This is the first Adventure Time game that features the entire voice case from the cartoon. The focus is on exploration and puzzle-solving, but there are plenty of chances for Finn to bust out his sword and go nuts too. Between cases, you can even kick back in the treehouse, hang out with BMO, and pile up tons of treasure.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations has an autosave feature. Meaning there is not chapter select or any save slots. So if any collectables are missed or forget to complete something. You will be forced to start a new game.

Now the main focus here is to complete all 5 cases, Sweet Sweet Magic, Lumpy Ice Princess, Sour Notes, Everything Must Go, and Album (Re)cover. As you complete these cases you will unlock majority of the achievements as they are story related. Also advise to listen to The Grayable's tutorial as he will teach you how to interact with certain objects and how to combine objects with one another. It's recommended to follow the step by step walkthrough above to help you solve these cases, find collectibles and help complete the game without missing any achievements.

There are also a total of 8 missable achievements, "I See You", "Snail's Pace", "Wrong Number", "Radio Starchie", "Stretch Goals", "Combo Time", "New to Ooo", "Flimpin' The Diode", so following a walkthrough will definitely help you not miss any of these and avoiding a second playthrough.

A complete step by step walkthrough can be found HERE by PT user themindisacity.


Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigation is a very easy 1000 that can be completed in an afternoon following a step by step walkthrough. If you are a fan of the Adventure Time show then this is must play for you.

[XBA would like to thank Viktor Vaughn for this Roadmap]

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Visit every area in and around the tree house.

    You will be required to visit every area in the Treehouse as you progress through the game. However you can knock this out before you start your first investigation as you will have full access to the Treehouse from the start of the game. The rooms to visit are:

    • Bedroom
    • Observatory
    • Main Room (Upper)
    • Secondary Room (Upper, need to cross the rope bridge)
    • Main Room (Lower)
    • Bathroom
    • Secondary Room (Lower, the armory)
    • Loot Room
    • Outside (Go out the door in the Loot Room)
  • Use the telescope in the boat to look at three different kingdoms.


    The telescope is found on the upper balcony of the Treehouse. Walk up to the telescope and press to look through it. Look at each of the kingdoms, which are, Fire Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and the Ice Kingdom, by pressing to cycle through each of them.

  • Locate and interact with 15 snails.


    There are 3 snails for each investigation. This will have to be done in one complete playthrough, as there is no chapter select or back tracking to previously visited areas. The locations for all the snails can be found below: Thanks to PT user CasualJohn.

    You can also follow the step by step walkthough found HERE.

    First investigation:

    • Snail 1: The first snail is in the Candy Kingdom. After you sneak into the Kingdom through the sewers, a fight will occur. Soon thereafter there is a cutscene with Princess Bubblegum. After the cutscene it will be immediately to your right.
    • Snail 2: When you first gain entry to Ron James' Shop, it will be to your right near the fireplace.
    • Snail 3: When you get to the lowest level of Ron James' basement (when you go through the manhole), it will be sitting on a pipe near the far right of the area.

    Second investigation:

    • Snail 4: When you get to Lumpy Space Princess's camp in the forest it will be sitting on a broken washer sticking out of the ground.
    • Snail 5: When you exit the Candy Palace the snail will be sitting on the table closest to the palace stairs near the bottom of the screen.
    • Snail 6: Near the very end of this investigation the Snail will be sitting at the bottom of the stairs in the Fiona and Cake archives. DO NOT click on the Lumpy Space Princess before you try and click the snail as this will end the investigation.

    Third investigation:

    • Snail 7: When you reach Magic Mans house derelict house, this snail is by the front tire of the green car.
    • Snail 8: Before you fight the third boss you will be helping the Lumpy Space Princess by turning a giant speaker. The snail will be sitting in plain sight near the bottom of the screen.
    • Snail 9: As soon as you break out of Lemongrabs Cell, he will be sitting on the top of a barrel nearby at the northern end of the room.

    Fourth investigation:

    • Snail 10: This snail is in the Fire Kingdom core. After you raise the second bridge you will see him sitting on the wall below the scaffolding. When you approach it, you'll trigger a combat sequence. After you complete the combat you can interact with it.
    • Snail 11: This one is a bit harder to find. When you are in the cave, to get a quest item, you will have to use Jake to be lifted up to two platforms in one section. On the top section you will interact with a blue crystal to get a quest item. The snail is next to this blue crystal. It is in the section where you have to get a wand from a golden dragon's mouth.
    • Snail 12: At the very end of this investigation you will burn a bill of sale. BEFORE YOU DO THIS, go to the yard sale table farthest from Marceline. The snail will be sitting on top of the table.

    Fifth investigation:

    • Snail 13: When you go back to the Wizard City, the Snail will be sitting on the stairs of the shop between Ron James' shop and the vending machine.
    • Snail 14: This snail is in the Palace of the Ice King. The snail is located in the bottom of the Ninja Armory Room, the same location where you used underwear to fire old pizza at the rebelling penguin.
    • Snail 15: This snail is sitting in plain sight immediately to the left of the Flame Princess when you first go to recruit her into your band.
  • Dial 10 wrong numbers on the pay phone.


    During the first investigation In the Wizard City. There will be a red phone booth outside of Ron James store. When you first arrive at Wizard City the phone booth will be out of order. After gaining access to Ron James store for the first time the phone booth will be operational.

    Now walk into the phone booth and use to interact with it. You will randomly call someone in the Land of Ooo. After every call you make the phone booth will give back your money, repeat this process 10 times. This will be the only time you'll be able to do this.

    There will be another point in another investigation where you will return to the phone booth and order a pizza. The option to call random numbers will not be available. So make sure to do this during the very first investigation.

  • Listen to all of the radio broadcasts in the Tree House bedroom.


    The radio is located on a table in Finn and Jack's bedroom. You will need to listen to the radio before starting a new investigation. Each broadcast consist of 3 parts. And has Starchie giving you a brief idea of what the next investigation will be about. If you do not listen to the broadcast before starting a new investigation, you will have to play through the entire game again.

    Recommend following the step by step walkthrough found HERE which will let you know exactly when to listen to a new broadcast.

  • Use all four Jake combat forms at least once in the game.


    Jack has 4 different combat forms that can be used during different combat sections of the game. Once the combat meter at the bottom of the screen is full, you can activate a combat form by using , , , . You do not have to use all 4 combat forms in one combat section. Combat sections can be replayed after completing them to earn additional loot and giving you the option to use Jake's other combat forms.

  • Perform a 15-hit combo in combat without being hit.


    It can be highly unlikely that you will complete the game without performing a 15-hit combo, but can happen. There will be plenty of combat sections through the game, although the very first combat section would be the easiest. Just take your time and avoid being hit by an enemy as this will cause your combo to drop. Also activating a special ability will reset your combo meter.

  • Say hello to the new character in Ooo.


    The new character of Ooo can be found during the second investigation. You will be going around the Candy Kingdom fixing the mess LSP caused. Eventually you will enter a bad part of town that has boarded up candy houses and also see the Angry Cookie character. As soon as you enter there will be a blue character with blond hair and a backpack. Simply go up to him and talk with him using , go through all the dialogue tree until all dialogue has been exhausted.

    If you are following the step by step walkthrough found HERE there will be no way you will miss this.


Secret achievements

  • Free Abracadaniel from jail.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after freeing Abracadaniel from the dungeon and escaping from the Candy Kingdom through the Wizard Portal to the Wizard City.

  • Find a way to get into the wizard "party."

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after going to getting all the snacks for the Ice King to being to the Wizard Party.

  • Defeat the wizards and free the kidnapped Candy People.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after defeating the Wizards and returning back to the Treehouse after completing the investigation.

  • Find the hairy beast that has been wreaking havoc.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after rescuing the Ice King from the forest and learning why he has been living in the forest.

  • Fix all of the noble deeds that were done incorrectly.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after Finn and Jake go around the Candy Kingdom fixing all the "good" deeds that LSP claims to have done and return to the coronation room.

  • Put the king back in charge of his kingdom.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after you have dethroned LSP as the ruler of the Ice Kingdom and returning to the Treehouse.

  • Find a cure for the dancing epidemic.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks confronting Magic Man at his house and break the dancing spell he placed to all the people in the Land of Ooo.

  • Find the missing Sound Sword.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after successfully protecting the Fire Princess from 3 groups of guards from capturing her.

  • Defeat Magic Man's latest jerky plan.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after escaping and defeating Magic Man and Lemongrab and returning to the Treehouse.

  • Find out why the Fire Kingdom's flames are going out.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after reaching the core in the Fire Kingdom and taking the magic device from Starchie.

  • Escape from the dungeon below Billy's Cave.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after collecting all of the artifacts around Billy's Cave and placing them back on his throne.

  • Find the last of the artifacts and seal Billy's Cave.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after retrieving Billy's sword Nothung and bringing it back to Billy's Cave.

  • Gather the equipment needed to re-record Finn's record.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after returning from the Wizard City with all the magical music equipment and taken it back to Marceline's house.

  • Convince Finn's friends to join the band.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks after recruiting the Ice King and Lemongrab to join the band and returning to Marceline's house.

  • Put Finn's favorite song back onto the record album.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

    Unlocks once returning to Marceline's house after recruiting Fire Princess and LSP for the band. Also you will need to collect all of Princess Bubblegum's missing outfits.

  • Correctly guess the Grayble theme.


    At the very end of the game, The Grayble will ask you a question that will need to be answered correctly. The answer to the questions is Emotion. The Grayble will then explain why Emotions is the right answer. Make sure you answer correctly because you answer wrong you will have to play through the entire game again.

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