Immortal Achievement in Aegis Wing

  • Immortal



    Complete a level without dying or losing any allies.

  • How to unlock Immortal

    This one is a little tricky. Best done with a partner as the more people the better the chance one could die. Just start the first level on normal and attach immediately to soup up your weapons then detach for the boss and fire away!

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  • So apparently you have to do this in multiplayer. A bit lame, since it's not clearly labeled.
  • Add GT = YurGamerTagSuks to help with any cheevo in any game that I have.
  • ATTENTION: Need to get this with 2 PLAYERS, If you do not have a second player just TURN ON OTHER REMOTE and attach yourself to the second player. If you want the power ups, make sure your guy touches the POWER UP and not the other because its kinda hard to use the POWER UP with both REMOTES lol.

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