Legend Achievement in Aegis Wing

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    Complete the game on Insane.

  • How to unlock Legend

    This might look intimidating but it's is actually very simple. Use the same method as you did for the hero achievement except enter a match on insane difficulty. Only difficult part is you start with no extra lives. So you will need to strive to stay alive.

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  • Really hard
  • it wasn't too bad
  • I managed to get this achievement while playing online with other people. I think that you can try to beat every level on insane means: If you completed every level on insane except for the last level just search ppl to help you pass the last level on insane I don't think you need to beat the game in one sitting...
  • @3 once you quit you start again from the beginning
  • Actually, you can just directly do the last mission and you will get the achievement
  • When I did it I just joined a game that was already at the last level and got it.
  • Need help with the last level on Insane. Im on most of the time so just message me if you wanna help. Thanks :D
  • esta dificil
  • i did it with my brother
  • I lucked out that I joined a group in the last level. However, you should message Salut Allo. He can help with all the achievements. If you need help with the game just send a friend request to his other account: allo salut. He helped me a lot, including with the Ace achievement. He's amazing.
  • anyone still willing to do this acheivement plz add me toandadestroyer
  • Need help with this and the 185,000 points achievement anExpiredCaNaMM
  • Anyone up for doing this?? if so hit me up screen name is the same as my username here
  • Add me as a friend too Tenshi Matarael been wanting to get these achievements for awhile now.
  • Looking to do these achievements. Add me: WinglessFoot (that's my gamertag)
  • Hi guys! I'm still looking for this, veteran and ace achievements. Anybody still playing? GT.: paul greg indy2
  • LFM 3 to do this Fifth Fleet gamertag
  • Get a friend to play with you. If they're very good, let them play. If he/she is bad, just let them pick up the shield and EM field and then attach to your ship. Use the power-ups to their fullest, just keep moving, and be aware of how each enemy attacks(including the last 3 bosses).
  • HELP gt fandig
  • Feel free to add me. Need help on a few achievements including this one. Will help back. Gamertag is GreatPretender9
  • Add GT = YurGamerTagSuks to help with any cheevo in any game that I have.
  • GT NiceBlueBird. Need help on this
  • My GT is MLP Shawn I need help with this and other achievements in the game. I'm online from 8 to 10pm.
  • Need help with it. Just got the game. If anyone still want to help please message me on xbox live. I really wanna max this game ASAP. Thank you! GT: DarkShadow ohh
  • Need 3 help to do all achievements, GT: The Metal Serge
  • Any help would be appreciated GT: Dooey Hoo
  • If anyone can help me with this achievement please message me on Xbox. GT: SFKAT
  • What's up everyone!! I'm an experienced player that's played the game since the release date. Message me regarding any achievement help you need for the game. GT: AEGIS x ACE
  • I'm online on a regular basis and will message you back about the achievement help

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