- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline 48 (1000 )
- Online 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 12-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Are there any achievements that can be missed? Yes
- Glitched achievements? No
- Does difficulty effect achievements? Yes

If you look at all the difficult parts of this game, the only place you'll find them is near the end on Hard difficulty. Most, if not all of this entire game is as simple as spamming and and your occasional In-Focus techniques. If I was just rating the Normal difficulty I would give this game a 2/10, but since you're forced to play on Hard I've bumped it up a couple to a 5/10.

You will at least need to play this game two times - once on Normal and again on Hard for the Completionist achievement. Although, it may take you 2 1/2 playthroughs to reach 2000 kills and/or 2000 gallons of blood spilled for the Let It Flow and Kensei achievements.

Several achievements can be missed from switching from Normal mode to Hard mode because of how the game is setup. To switch properly you will need to start a New Game and choose 'Yes' when it asks you if you want to lose all Level Progress, this is normal. It will then ask you if you would like to keep your stats and skills that you have already earned, this is where you must choose 'Yes' otherwise your stats for most of the achievements will reset. This will result in you having to replay the game to regain all of your stats. After you choose 'Yes', it will ask you which difficulty you would like to play on, either The Number One Headband or The Number Two Headband. Select The Number One Headband to play on Hard, as The Number Two Headband is the Normal difficulty.

Step #1: Starting the Game
Before you even start keep in mind that This Little Piggy is pure luck and should be attempted from when you start, until you get it. Use the strategies in the guide to help you out, but just remember to always go for it and it shouldn't give you a problem. You'll start on Prelude and you're bound to get Give Me a Hand, Hip Hop, Hats Off to You, Closer to God, and Mash Medley. Once you actually complete the Prelude you'll be awarded And so it Begins.

You'll notice when you start the next level 'The Daimyo's Story' you'll learn about mementos, which are actually collectibles. There are a total of seven levels that have five mementos each. The mementos are a group of five or so birds, so keep an eye out for them when you're collecting.

While in 'The Daimyo's Story' you'll get Meijin, but don't miss The Child Without a Name while you're there. Then, when you finish you'll get A Secret History as well. In the next level you'll pick up Afro Samurai, Ashigaru (for 10 skills), and The Death of Innocence for completing it.

The next level is 'Sword Master's Story', which doesn't have any memento's to collect, but you'll receive The Price for Vengeance when you finish it. Once you start 'Okiku's Story' make sure you collect the memento's and get The Demon of Vengeance, then Love Lost for completing it. You'll soon acquire Rhythm Section (3000 combos) within the next few levels.

When you start 'The Lowdown East', you'll have your 25 Skills if you've been collecting the mementos and pick up Hatamoto. Now would be a perfect time to go for Made Hand Ronin. You will also learn about Slicing and Reflecting bullets in this level, in which you should attempt to pick up I Am Rubber, and You Are Glue. Collect the mementos for The Number Two, and complete the level for The Path to Godhood. You should receive Bushi (40 skills) soon after completing the level.

Complete 'The Doppelganger', 'Kuma's Story', 'The Empty Seven's Story', and collect the memento's in all levels to get Death Bringer, Copy-Cat Killer, Widow Maker, The Past Laid to Rest, The Samurai Ghost, and All That Stood Are Gone. I would suggest going for Gutshot Android Straight and Off Suit Samurai when playing 'The Doppelganger', and No Limit Ninjas and Kunoichi Suicide Queens during 'The Empty Seven's Story', as these are probably the easiest levels to do so.

Once you complete those levels you will play 'Ninja Ninja's Story' and 'Justice's Story'. Complete 'Justice's Story' for Revenge Served? and that will be the end of your first playthrough. You should have around 700-800 kills around this time, 59/61 skills unlocked, and just under 1500 gallons spilled (Click and hold both sticks to view your stats).

Step #2: Before You Start Hard Difficulty
This would be a great time to clean up any odd achievements you may have missed on your first playthrough by using the level select. You should attempt Two Birds One Sword, Three-way, Four to the Floor, Slow Your Roll, and F*!# Gravity at this point.

Step #3: Playing on Hard Difficulty
Use the method in the Introduction to start your Hard Difficulty playthrough. A little into your second playthrough you should unlock Kengo (1000 kills), and The Number One (all skills) shortly after that. A little bit later on you'll reach 2000 gallons of blood spilled and unlock Let It Flow. Now you should only have a few levels to complete before you can pick up Completionist.

You may or may not have a few achievements left including: Hundred Head Hunter, Head to Toe, Torso From Tail, and Kensei. For all of these achievements it's best to start a New Game using the same method as before, but choose The Number Two Headband (normal) and play until you reach the 'School Invasion' level. Play through the level until you reach the end where there are four ever-spawning ninja's and jump over fire when they spawn. This is the perfect spot to attempt Hundred Head Hunter, Head to Toe, Torso From Tail, and then keep spawn killing them until you reach 2000 kills and unlock Kensei.

How to beat Robo Afro on Hard
How to beat Number 6 (Flamethrower boss) on Hard
How to beat Kuma on Hard
How to complete The Empty Seven's Story on Hard
How to beat Justice on Hard


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Afro Samurai Achievement Guide

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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete "THE DAIMYO'S STORY".

    This is a story related achievement.

    The boss in this level is the Daimyo and he is the last person that you face in the stage. He’s a fairly simple boss who’s attacks you can parry when you learn how to do so in the middle of the match. He’ll strike multiple times, all you have to do is be able to parry his attacks which will stun him temporarily and then unleash any variation of combos using light and heavy attacks on him. Using in focus attacks to finish the combo is recommended because it does more damage.

  • Complete "SCHOOL INVASION".

    This is a story related achievement.

    This will unlock once you complete the level.

  • Complete "SWORD MASTER'S STORY".

    This is very much like the boss battle you had earlier against The Daimyo, the only thing that you need to worry about during this fight is blocking his attacks and parrying his attacks. When he’s stunned from having his attack parried, unleash a combo of light and heavy attacks. Also using continuous horizontal and vertical focus attacks will deal a lot more damage to the boss as well. This is essentially just like the Daimyo boss battle, but the sword master is just a little bit faster than him.

  • Complete "OKIKU'S STORY".

    During this level you are introduced to the androids. They’re incredibly easy to defeat by doing a parry then pressing to jump on them and chop off their heads by pressing or throwing them using the . Near the end of the level, where you’re underground with the reactor, you have to throw the androids at the reactor to destroy it. Just parry their attacks and then throw them with the in the direction towards the reactor.

    Boss Fight - Brother 6
    The last person that you fight in this level is brother 6, the big guy from the prelude. This time he’s fighting with a flamethrower. There are three separate parts to this boss fight, his attacks change every time there’s a cut scene where he’s hitting his flame thrower.

    Part 1: When the fight begins he’ll only spray fire at you when you’re at a distance back and forth. Just run around and avoid the fire. When he stops, dash in and unleash a combo on the unguarded Brother 6. Another opportunity to attack him is when you’re hit with his flamethrower and knocked to the ground. He’ll star laughing and that also leaves him open to a full frontal attack. Repeat this until it gets to the cut scene.

    Part 2: During this part of the fight he’ll start to use his flamethrower to shoot himself into the air causing a flame shock wave to happen underneath him. He only shoots one at a time, so when he shoots it, just jump above it and attack him when he lands. Keep doing this until it gets to the next cuts cene.

    Part 3: This is the last part of the flamethrower boss fight. He does the same little flamethrower shock wave that he did before, but this time he sends three shock wave's instead of one. What you can do is avoid the first shock wave from a distance, and then when he shoots the second and third shock wave, move in closer, dodge them and then attack him. He also does another attack where he shoots short bursts of flames at you when you’re at a distance. Just attack him whenever he lands from his attack, has his back exposed or when he starts laughing at you because he knocked you on the ground.


    The ropes in the level can only be cut with a in focus vertical attack, nothing else. At the end of the level, you have to fight brother 6 again and another brother from the empty 7. He will shoot rockets at you and throw grenades. You just need to slice the rocked in half using your in focus vertical slice. If you need more help with this refer to the “ You are Glue” achievement in the guide. After cutting the rocket in half, you’re going to face three ronin. During the fight, brother 6 will be throwing grenades at you constantly, so watch out. After disposing of the ronin. This is basically the entire fight, do this until it get’s to the end cut scene and you unlock the achievement.

  • Complete "PRELUDE".

    This is a story related achievement.

    It’s simple, all you have to do is complete this tutorial part of the game. It just teaches you the fundamental of playing the game. The end of the level you fight brother 6 of the Empty 7, you can fight him if you want to. You will progress if you win or loose.

  • Complete "THE DOPPELGANGER".

    There are two boss fights in this chapter, one in the middle and one in the end, both are against an android samurai.

    For the first fight, he basically mirrors anything you do, so don’t just start the fight hacking and slashing at him because he will counter and do twice as much damage to you. What you can do to avoid this is go into focus mode and use a side jump (press left or right and at the same time) to get behind him and use a horizontal in focus slash to damage him. Do this three or four times and the fight should be over.

    For the second fight, it might be tricky to fight him. First of all, the fight will be taking place in the sky while you are free falling and android samurai is flying around attacking you. Your best strategy is to just use a in focus horizontal slash attack when he’s close to you. You can either try and fly towards him, which leaves you open to attacks, or you can wait for him to come close to you which takes a while sometimes.

    Keep blocking when he’s not in range because he can fire missiles at you, when you start to hear him make robotic sounds, that means that he’s going to be firing a green laser at you. Block the laser to reflect it back at him and stun him temporarily. Whenever he crunches up and begins to light up in the center that means that he’s going to launch multiple missiles at you. Just block them or move backwards to avoid them.

  • Complete "KUMA'S STORY".

    During the first two Kuma encounters, it will be fairly easy. They’re short battles between him and all you need to do is parry his attacks and counter back until the battle is over.

    He will jump you a couple more times down the path, whenever it gets to a cut scene with him jumping out of somewhere, just block.

    The third encounter with Kuma is a little bit harder than the first two. His attacks become a little bit harder to fend off and in focus attacks usually lead to Kuma countering them with his own attacks and getting behind you sometimes. Just try and follow what you did in the first two encounters, but with caution. He’s a little bit stronger now and father than the first two encounters so don’t wildly attack him because you’re open to attack then. Always remember to parry and block whenever possible.

    Afterwards, he’ll run away to a wooden tower and you’ll have to follow him. In the wooden tower, he’ll burrow into the ground and pop up to attack you. Hide/lead him towards the support beams so when he pops out of the ground he’ll destroy them. After you destroyed a couple of the support beams in the room, he’ll pop out of the ground and go upstairs. Use the support beams in the room to help slow him down and attack him from behind. Use the parry when he attacks you to stun him and unleash combos when he’s stunned, but do not use in focus attacks on him. He can counter them by slashing past you and unleashing a devastating combo on your back which will take a good part of your health away.

    The final fight is a little bit trickier than the others, there’s three stages to the fight.
    The first two are fairly short, just use the parry technique to stun him and unleash some combos on him while he’s stunned. Throughout the fight he has an annoying dash attack that’s unblockable, look out for it while you’re fighting him.

    The third stage of the fight (after you completely knock off his mask) is when he fights with only one sword. The best way to attack him and deal damage to him when his back is exposed. This is possible when he does his jumping slam, it leaves him open to attacks. Focus attacks should work on him when he has one sword, just don’t rely on it to much because he attacks fast.


    There are three bosses in this level and they are the Empty Seven. The bosses’s locations and order are (from left, middle to right) Brother 6, Brother 3 and the rest of the Empty Seven.

    Left side:
    Brother Six is incredibly easy due to him not having his rocket launcher or flamethrower and he moves pretty slow. He swings his staff around a lot, so make sure you’re not to close to him, the only time you can really attack him is when he slams his stick on the ground vertically and stay’s stationary for a second or two.

    Middle: Brother 3
    You don’t really fight him, as soon as the level begins he runs away and you’re left to fight off a couple of waves of ninjas. Just remember to parry their attacks and use in focus horizontal slashes to wipe out crowds of them. They’ll be jumping around all over the place so be careful not to get surrounded by them. After defeating all of the ninjas, you completed the middle section.

    Right Side: Rest of the Empty Seven
    You fight the rest of the empty seven at the same time in this fight. They’re above you on a ledge and one of the brothers shoots at you with his hand gun. You have to use in focus to reflect the bullets back at him. If you’re having trouble reflecting bullets refer to the “I am rubber” achievement. Every time you do this one of the brothers will fall to the ground on fire and start rushing at you, don’t attack him. The only thing you need to do is lure him to the center to his death by standing in the center of the level.

    Afterwards he’ll shoot multiple bullets at you, just block all of them. Only try to reflect a bullet back at him when it shows the comic strip where it shows when he’s about to shoot. When they all fall ,just do the same that you did to take care of the first brother.

    After defeating all three of them, androids will fill the room you’re in and you have to fight them off.

  • Complete "JUSTICE'S STORY".

    This is the final boss battle that is divided into three separate stages. Each of the three stages act as a checkpoint, so if you die on the third stage, you’ll restart on the beginning of the third stage.

    1st stage:
    You start off a distance away from Justice, what you need to do is sprint up to him little by little. Stop every meter or so to block the 6 bullets that he shoots at you. After blocking start moving up again, you can use the trees that surround him as cover from his bullets. When you’re close enough to Justice, start attacking him. When in close he’ll use his guns as melee weapons and when you’re at a distance he’ll use his gun to fire six shots at you. He’ll constantly pop into the ground during the fight and start talking for long periods of times. Just run around and stay aware because he can pop out and start attacking you when you least expect it. When he’s covered by black smoke or black fog at anytime, don’t bother attacking him. When he is in that state, he’s invincible and your attacks do nothing. Just keep on attacking when he’s out of the ground until it gets to a cut scene where you cut off his hands, this will lead to the second stage.

    2nd stage:
    During this stage he’s made a spiral around him made by the trees and he has some freakish tree hands. What you need to do is face him so you can see when he’s about to stick his hands into the ground. When he does and you see a black puddle beneath you, go into focus mode and

    dodge to the left or the right by pressing left or right with the and at the same time. He can attack with both of his arms, just follow the same steps as you would with one arm and doge until you have a window to attack. Afterwards, while still in focus mode, use a in focus horizontal slash to attack him. Keep doing so until it comes to a cut scene heading into the third and final stage.

    3rd stage:
    During this stage he’s invincible for a majority of the stage. The only time you can attack him is when his black cloud isn’t on him making him venerable. The time frame you have to attack him each time is slim, so attack every chance that you get. When he uses an attack where he spins around, sweeping everything in his path with his arms, when he finishes dash up to him and unleash a combo and some in focus attacks on him. Another attack he uses later on is he shoots his arms forward leaving his block exposed to attacks. When it reaches a cut scene where he kneels on the floor, use an in focus attack to finish the battle.

  • Complete the game on both difficulties.

    This can't really be missed but complete the game on both difficultys.

  • Slice an enemy using a Vertical Attack with a bonus.

    This achievement can easily be done in the very first chapter of the game “Prelude”. While going through the level, you go through a tutorial of the game. At one point it will tell you to press the button to go into focus mode and to use to do a vertical slash on the enemy. You need to watch the shining light on the blade when you start a focus attack. Hold the button down and wait until the light on the sword goes to the very tip of the sword. When it does, release the button to perform a perfect vertical slash and cut your enemy in half. Doing this will always cut your opponent in to as opposed to just dealing heavy damage to them (except for female ninjas, samurai, and other heavy weapon enemies).

  • Slice off fingers and toes at the same time.

    This achievement is basically an achievement that you can’t get by trying, it’s pretty much random. You need to slice both the fingers and the toes off at the same time, not the hand and the foot. You can use the in focus vertical slice to cut them off. You can either aim to the very left or right using the when attempting a perfect vertical slash or you can use to kick them away and move a little to the left or right to better target the toes and hands. You’ll unlock this achievement without even trying throughout your gameplay, but if need be use those strategies if you’re having trouble with them.

  • Slice off an enemy's hand.

    Cutting off the enemies hand will come naturally while playing the game. The chapter you will most likely get this in is the tutorial chapter “Prelude”. When in the final part of the stage you are forced to fight a huge onslaught of ronin and asked to use over focus mode by pressing . When in over focus mode, a single attack will instantly kill an enemy and treat each attack like a perfect horizontal or vertical attack. Another way is by using a in focus horizontal or vertical attack. For the in focus vertical, use the to aim to the very left or right to cut off their. For the in focus horizontal, just cut them in the middle while they’re hands are by their side and their hands will be cut off along with their body (this happens a majority of the time for me).

  • Slice 2 enemies at once.

    See “Four to the flour”

  • Slice 3 enemies at once.

    See “Four to the flour”

  • Slice 4 enemies at once.

    This achievement can prove to be a little bit tricky in the beginning, but can turn out to be rather easy. You don’t have the ability until you level up more, so basically until you don’t unlock it until late your first play through or second play through. There are two ways that you can get this achievement. One way is in the chapter “School Invasion”. When you’re at the part where you have to raise the bridge by wall running up to two levers, don’t raise it. There’s a fire blocking off the rest of the passageway from you and four enemies will constantly respawn from there. Wait for the four of them to gather around near each other and then use a in focus horizontal attack to cut all for of them in half. Another way to do this is on your second play through on the “Prelude” chapter. When you get to the are where you have to fight a bunch of ronin and it tells you to go into over focus mode, don’t. Just run around until a bunch of ronin are bunched up together and then use a in focus horizontal attack to slice four of them in half.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "THE DAIMYO'S STORY".

    Before starting to search for these mementos, refer to this video for a visual aid.


    1. As you begin the mission you are on a bridge, the memento is straight in front of you in the middle of the bridge.

    2. Before entering the mansion the memento in on the left end of the porch.

    3. After running over the clock hands, a split screen view will appear showing you where to go, head that way by wall running to the middle platform and then wall running again, then before entering the new hallway, follow the balcony path around to the room with the memento.

    4. In the area that you have to defeat a wave of enemies and then kick the four switches in each corner of the area, go to the side that has the poles sticking out which you can "perch jump" on and from to the platform above, walk around and over the narrow plank which connects you to the platforms which have the memento on the last platform, you can see this memento as soon as you’ve "perch jumped" up the poles.

    5. Once your passed the "poison gas" area you will be on the roof, but before going all the way up the stairs go left underneath the arched dragon statue and follow the path around the last memento

  • Collect 5 mementos in "SCHOOL INVASION".

    1. This is easy to miss since its hidden, so before you head to the training ground, at the very beginning of the path that leads to the training ground look to your right and you will see a rock you can walk behind, and there will be the memento, between the broken looking wooden fence and the rock wall.

    2. This memento is in the training grounds near one of training targets, "if you can imagine what an archer would aim at for practice" that’s where the memento is, in a
    corner near the training targets.

    3. In the area you have to fight off the enemies and then retreat to raise the gate, if you’re outside the gate area looking at the bridge, look to your right, and the memento is there.

    4. Once arriving at the burning building, go through the main entrance and head right and you will see the memento on the ground with fire nearby.

    5. The final memento is on top of a large rock formation near the start of the canyon pass area, you will have to jump up one rock, and then jump back in forth to reach the next rock, and the jump to the platform with the memento. Afro will barely make it, but trust me he can.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "OKIKU'S STORY".

    1. As soon as the mission begins walk out of the house and turn left to go around the house, the memento is on the grass in the back corner of the yard.

    2. Once you reach the Bamboo Forest Area, you cross a small bamboo bridge, jump off this bridge and head to the left under an archway and walk up to the small temple which will have the memento to the right of the small temple's door.

    3. After you have destroyed the first Android Burrow, you need to head back down the canyon passageway, the memento is between the two forks in the path, the memento is right below a ledge and can be easily missed, if you did miss it, go to the second tree that is knocked over and head back the way you came and you will run right in it.

    4. When you enter the town head straight up through the middle of town, you will pass the bar on your left that has an Otsuru Bear on it, from this house turn left after it to go begin it; the memento is at the dead end.

    5. The last memento will be on the rocky ledge where the sniper previously stood early in the level, but this memento doesn’t become available until the point where you’re destroying the last Android Burrow, before you actually go into the Burrow.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "THE LOWDOWN EAST PASS".


    1. In the second area where you will have to kick three switches and cut one Rope there is a memento in the southeast corner of the wall, next to the wall.

    2. Once you get to the area where there is a gunner using a gating gun, kill him, then head left on the ledge and wall run up to the wooden planks, from here go left on this ledge and do another wall run on the wooden planks, from this ledge you need to wall run on the wooden planks that are on the side of the wall and that will lead you right to getting on top of the ledge where the memento is.

    3. Once your in the fourth area where there is wooded scaffolding, starting at the entrance follow the right wall and it will lead you directly to the memento.

    4. In the area where you have to cut the three ropes followed by an onslaught of enemies, the memento is located at the farthest back rope that you need to cut, right beside the rope.

    5. After you leave the area where you have cut the three ropes, walk across the arm and to the left of the passage that leads behind the statues shoulders, you can jump up to the wooden platform, from here walk past the lifted head section and the final memento is on the statues shoulders.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "THE DOPPELGANGER".


    1. From your starting point, turn around and head down the stairs, and towards a broken bridge, the memento will be at the end of the bridge, before the missing section.

    2. After cutting the rope and the elevator shaft drops, wall jump back and fourth to get up the shaft, and once up top just walk to the left side of the shaft and the memento is right there next to the elevator shaft wall.

    3. After you kill the sniper, the memento is right after him, between the small section of stairs and the mountain wall, on the right side.

    4. After a battle with ninja's and assassins, you will jump up to a wooden plank path that extends out of the mountain, once up here turn around and jump up to the higher wooden plank platform, and from here just jump the gap to collect the memento.

    5. This last one is right on the last ledge of the level before crossing the tallest bridge, if you get to a Samurai Battle where there is a Ninja Ninja Poker challenge available you’ve gone to far.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "KUMA'S STORY".


    1. From the start of the level head down the stairs and turn right, and you’ll find the memento at the end of the path.

    2. After you have fought Kuma the second time, continue left around the bend in the path, and straight ahead will be the memento on the ground near the shrines on your left.

    3. After the third Kuma battle, the memento is in the back left corner of the area, you should see it while battling Kuma, but cannot reach it until you finish the fight.

    4. After the fourth fight against Kuma inside the wooden building area, exit the room and straight in front of you, will be the memento at the edge of the area.

    5. From #4, turn around and head to the right path and the last memento will be on the right side railing.

  • Collect 5 mementos in "THE EMPTY SEVEN'S STORY".


    1. Before heading down the lift that becomes available to use after killing all the android ninjas, the memento is in the back right corner, you should see it during the enemy encounter, but cant reach it untill the force field is droped, by killing all the enemies.

    For 2-5, it will depend on which lever you pull first which will result in a stone coming out of the wall, allowing you to reach the area, there are three spots, I started with the left one, then did the middle, then the right one, so my info will come from doing it in this order.

    2. (Left Wall Area) Before entering the Boss area, go to the right, and at the end of the walkway will be the memento.

    3. (Middle Wall Area) On the ledge that has the Otsuru Bear, continue over the edge and drop down and the memento is right there on the ledge.

    4. (Right Wall Area) The memento is located on the first ledge after jumping up the initial rock that comes out of the wall, once up on the first ledge head left to the furthest most ledge, and there will be the memento.

    5. (Right Wall Area) When facing the Boss Chamber door head to the left and the memento is at the end of the path.

  • Unlock all skills.

    Every time you kill an enemy in the game or find a momento, you gain experience. There’s no way you can tell how much experience you gained though. You can check in the stat menu in options to see how many skills you have and how many more you need. After collecting all the momentos and beating the game the first time, you just need to level up 2 or more times in your second playthrough.

  • Slice off 100 heads with a bonus.

    The easiest way that you can cut off an enemies head is to use focus mode by pressing and holding and hold the button until the light gets to the tip of the blade. If your enemy is standing upwards, then aim slightly higher using the to aim for their head. If your enemy is crouching to the ground, use the to aim slightly lower for the head. When it says with a bonus, then it means that you must perform a perfect slice. A perfect slice is when you release an attack when in focus mode when the light on your blade is at the tip.

  • Slice 50 enemies using a Vertical Attack with a bonus.

    When doing this, you need to go into focus mode by pressing and use a perfect vertical slash on an by enemy by holding down the button until the light on the blade reaches the tip. When it does, release the button to perform a perfect slice. Since attacks are slow, there are multiple ways to use this attack without being interfered. One way is by first kicking the opponent away from you using the button, it temporarily stuns them. As soon as you stun them, hold down to go into focus mode and press and hold until the light reaches the edge of the blade to do a prefect slash. Another way to do this achievement is by using the Get lifted combo which can be found in the “Frenzied Awesomeness” section of the move list which can be entered by pressing .

  • Achieve 100 kills.

    See “Kensei”

  • Kengo



    Achieve 1000 kills.

    See “Kensei”

  • Kensei



    Achieve 2000 kills.

    You have to kill 2,000 enemies during the course of your two playthroughs. Your stats will be brought over from your previous game when you start a new game ONLY WHEN YOU SAY YES TO CARRY YOUR STATS OVER WHEN STARTING A NEW GAME. You will unlock this after your second play through, you’ll get maybe 850 kills per playthrough. Just replay some levels to get the remaining kills for the achievement.

  • Complete a Ronin Straight Flush.

    For all the "Complete a XXXX Straight Flush" achievements what is needed is for starters is a Ninja Ninja Body-Part Poker Challenge. In many levels you will see Ninja Ninja sitting in a corner or some where nearby during a battle, to start the challenge basically all you need to do is run up to him and it will begin. From here you will only have between 40-90 seconds before the challenge time runs out, the time is displayed by Ninja Ninja's cigarette burning away in the lower left corner of the screen.

    So on with the important stuff, so for all these Achievements what is required is that you Cut off a Head of the Enemy, the Hand of the enemy, and the leg of the enemy, not on all one baddie though, spread out over three enemy's, and needs to be done using Perfect Slices, a Horizontal will work for the head, and Vertical will work for the Hand and Leg. FYI "a perfect slice is done by entering focus mode with and holding or until you see the light shimmer of the top of the Blade. So for Example, for the "Ronin Straight Flush" achievement a good spot to get this is during the 'The Lowdown East Pass" mission where after lowering parts of the statue you will return to the first area and Ninja Ninja is sitting up above you on the wooden platform, and you are rushed at by a ton of Ronin enemies, now the easiest way to guarantee a head slice on these guys is to Parry an attack then after blocked attack hit , and then use the button to chop of his head, if done that way the perfect slice isn’t needed for the Head, but is for the other two body parts. Now on a different Ronin enemy use the Perfect Slice Vertical attack + (Hold then release) to attempt to get the Hand then the Leg, I have mixed up the order of the body parts and still got the achievement, but at very least for all these achievements you need to Chop the Head, Hand, and Leg for that type of enemy.

    Also FYI to all the Parry then , trick only works on a few of the enemy types not all, For sure on the Ronin and Android, but the Ninjas and Samurai rarely every let it occur…

  • Complete a Ninja Straight Flush.

    Same as Ronin except done on ONLY MALE NINJA enemies.

  • Complete a Kunoichi Straight Flush.

    Same as Ronin except done on ONLY THE FEMALE NINJA enemies.

    FYI, the "Kunoichi Suicide Queens" achievement was HARD AS HELL, it took me four straight hours attempting it, and then finally getting it. The two best spots to attempt this, is on the level "Doppelganger". Right at the start of the level head across the bridge and here there will be 4 female ninjas, and 4 male ninjas, so you can attempt either, and the other spot is on the "The Empty Seven's Story" once your on the ground level in the big circular area there are waves of Male Ninjas, and after them are waves of Female Ninja's, and of course there is a Ninja Ninja Body-Part poker Challenge on that area, I prefer the "Doppelganger" level however harder to attempt at least if you fail, all you have to do is jump off the bridge to restart the section, opposed to on the other level taking 5-10 minutes to get back to the Female Ninja's.

  • Complete an Android Straight Flush.

    Same as Ronin except done on the Android enemies, and for an easy attempt at this you can either play the level "Doppelganger" and will be forced to deal with some of these enemies and since by then you have learned the parry move its easy, or you can go back to "Okiku's Story" once you have learned the parry attacks, since there is a ton of Android enemies there.

  • Complete a Samurai Straight Flush.

    Same as Ronin except done on a Samurai, the samurai are hard to Parry and aren’t to frequent compared to the Ronin enemies. This can be found on the level "DoppelGanger", After you defeat Droid Afro Samurai continue on the level and you will come to a huge bridge with 5 Samurais and along with a Ninja Ninja Body Poker challenge behind them.

  • Slice off an enemy's foot.

    This achievement can easily be acquired during the tutorial chapter “prelude”. After learning how to use an in focus attack, find and enemy and enter focus mode by pressing and holding and then use the to target their legs by going all the way down. Press and Hold until the light on the blade reaches the edge, when it does, release to perform a prefect slice and cut off their legs.

  • Slice an enemy during their attack.

    This achievement can be a little bit tricky to get because you have to slice instead of just simply killing them. You can go into focus mode by press and holding right before they attack you. Press and hold down until the light on your blade reaches the tip. Release it right while their attack is coming at you and slice them in half to unlock the achievement. Another way to do this is during the chapter “Prelude”, go to the area where you have to fight a lot of ronin’s near the end of the level. Enter over focus mode by pressing and wait for an enemy to try and attack you. Just attack them once to cut them in half, doesn’t take as much time as a perfect slice and you only need one attack as opposed to multiple light and heavy attacks.

  • Kill an enemy with a sliced bullet.

    You will learn how to do this when doing the chapter “The Lowdown East Pass” at the beginning of the chapter. There is a short tutorial at the beginning of the level, what you need to do is when the gunman shoots the bullet, enter focus mode by pressing , then press and hold until the bullet comes pretty close to you. You’ll know it’s close because the controller will start rumbling. Release (Y), if you did it correctly it will show you a scene where the bullet shatters everywhere behind Afro. The fragments will kill any nearby enemies.

  • Kill an enemy with a reflected bullet.

    This is just a little bit trickier than shattering a bullet because it doesn’t slow down for you. You acquire this skill also in “The Lowdown East Pass”. People get confused with this sometimes, what you need to do is press twice a total of two times to reflect the bullet. Wait until the comic strip shows on the side where the gunman is about to shoot you and go into focus mode by pressing . As soon as he shoots the bullet, press once and Afro should have caught the bullet with his sword. Press again and wait until the light on the sword reaches the tip of your blade. When it does, release it to launch it straight back at the gunman killing him.

  • Achieve a 20 hit combo.

    This can easily be obtained in the last part of the chapter “Prelude” where there’s a bunch of ronin everywhere and the tutorial tells you to go to over focus. Instead of going to over focus, just start mashing and alternatively and keep on hitting them until the achievement unlocks. Try not to get in the middle of all of them because if they surround you, the ronin can attack your back.

  • Achieve a total of 3000 combos.

    Just keep on using combos and mashing and on enemies to increase your combo. This really comes down to button mashing in the end.

  • Spill 2000 gallons of blood.

    The amount of blood that your enemy loses when you kill them is put towards this achievement. You can check in the statistic menu to see how much you’ve spilled. The blood amount differs from person to person. The big warriors spill more blood than the ronin and the other ninjas when you kill them. You’ll spill around 2000 gallons of blood when you hit 1250 kills or above.

  • Bushi



    Unlock 40 skills.


    See “The Number One”

  • Unlock 10 skills.


    See “The Number One”

  • Unlock 25 skills.

    See “The Number One”

  • Slice an enemy in the air.

    To get this achievement, you have to basically cut an enemy while they are in mid air. There are 2 ways that you can do this. One way is by waiting for an enemy to jump at you. While they are in mid air, press and hold and jump in the air also. While in mid air, press and hold either or and wait until the light on the blade reaches the end. When it does, release or to perform a perfect slash and slice them in half. You need to collect all the momentos in the chapter “School Invasion” level to unlock this move. Another way is to use the “Get Lifted Combo”. Look in the combo section by pressing .

  • Slice off a head with a bonus.

    This is basically the same as hundred head hunter. You just need to go into focus mode by pressing and holding . Then press and hold and wait for the light on the blade to reach the tip. When it does aim for the head and release it to perform a perfect slice and cut off the head.

  • Slice 50 bellies.

    This is basically the same as the 100 head hunter achievement except it’s half as many and you just need to cut the torso (which is the waist of the person). When fighting an enemy, enter focus mode by pressing and holding .Then press and hold and wait for the light on the blade to reach the tip. When it does, aim for the torso and you should cut them in half. This shouldn’t be too hard because when an enemy is standing straight up and you perform a perfect slash on them without aiming, it automatically cuts their torso.

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