Iron Maid Achievement

  • Iron Maid



    Complete the Joan of Arc Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Joan of Arc was the second campaign of the original Age of Empires 2 and the difficulty is somewhat greater than that of the William Wallace campaign. There are six levels in total and it is recommended that you save periodically as you go through each mission as some can take quite some time. Upon completing all six levels the achievement will unlock.
    Some tips for the missions:
    • Level 2 - you can actually take you cavalry to Burgundys base in the east at the start and take them out as they don't have much military
    • Level 3 - Cross the river as far south as possible then build your base, you will want to quickly attack Fastolfs Army who are in the far east of the map with your main army.
    • Level 4 - Focus on the town centres, each enemy will be defeated once the town centre is destroyed.
    • Level 5 - Don't waste time destroying every building, Once you cross the river, head northeast and break through the wall there rather than the gates and you can avoid a battle.
    • Level 6 - Dont destory the purple walls at the start, just kill their men to capture the base to use as your own.

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