For the Horde! Achievement

  • For the Horde!



    Complete the Genghis Khan Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Genghis Khan was the fourth Campaign of the original Age of Empires 2 and consists of six levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.
    The following level specific achievements can also be unlocked during this campaign. See their achievement solutions for more details.
     Some tips for the other missions:
    • Level 4 - You only have about 13 min before the Persians turn on you anyway, make sure you kill the shah in this time otherwise they will be much stronger
      • You could also use this time to quickly build a castle in there base, with some surrounding walls, if you can defend it this will kill most of there troops, a good place to build it is near there first castle.
      • You only have to destroy the Persians Castles, Wonder and Town centre for them to resign.
    • Level 5 - You don't have to defeat any enemies you can just put 1 troop near their flag, however defeating the Polish and Germans by destroying their castle and town centre will make the last battle much easier as you can then research spies for only 200 gold

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