A Tale of One City Achievement

  • A Tale of One City



    Complete the Bari Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed

    Bari was the second Campaign of "The Forgotten" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.

    There are no miscellaneous achievements in this campaign so you can just concentrate on completing the levels. The first and third levels are straightforward. Some tips for the others are:
    • 2nd level - Once you reach a town and take over it, aim to build a castle as quickly as possible to help you defend it.
    • 4th Level - you cant build additional castles but you can build walls, and towers around the castle to defend it, get the upgrades for these and stack with crossbowmen with some cavalry to attack rams. Try to complete the secondary objectives if you can.
    • 5th Level - Take out the light blue buildings in each base, this will prevent them from attacking later. as soon as you get buildings build a monk, use him to heal your men so you don't need to build additional. There are relics located near the mills to the east and southwest gather these early.

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