Age of Discovery Achievement

  • Age of Discovery



    Complete the Francisco de Almeida Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed

    Francisco de Almeida is the first Campaign of "The African Kingdoms" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.

    The Friends, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears (20G) achievement can be unlocked during the start of the fifth mission of this campaign.

    Some tips for the other missions are:
    • 1st Level - Retreat across the bridge at the start to lure the enemies into a choke point to minimise your losses, from there explore the map taking over as many red's men as possible then attack yellow bases. once you defeat yellows, you will gain a base, take the remainder of your army there to defend it, build up your economy and small army then go on the attack.
    • 2nd Level - At the start, lure the attacking ships into the castle with your own ships, on the north shore quickly build a wall to defend from the greens. Take your troops to the far east then work your way south killing yellow bases to prevent them attacking you, if you put some troops in red's base using a transport ship he will go on the attack against your enemy leaving you free to build up your economy and base, cannon galleons are a good bet as red will turn on you once you defeat green so you could take your remaining ships and just quickly destroy his castle.
    • 3rd Level - This could be a hard mission but can be done cheaply, at the start take your ships and explore the ocean to the south east until you find the transport ship with the bombard cannon, then sail northeast to Mombasa, land your bombard cannon and have it attack ground on the yellow wonder until it is destroyed, reload your ships and then land on the opposite shore to the red dock, take a couple of troops and your bombard cannon round the outside of red base until you can attack ground on the edge of their castle. once it is destroyed the mission will complete.
    • 4th Level - Defend your base from the initial attack, its worth converting a couple of war elephants. Then rebuild the gate and also build a town centre so you can replenish lost villagers though you cant build much of an economy. use your bombard cannon to take out any buildings from inside your walls. Once you get the objective to destroy the enemy cannon galleon, build a couple of demo ships and take your navy to attack there ships, lure there main navy away then send the demo ships to the cannon galleon. Thereafter it is worth converting the dragon ship when you get chance as this will give you a hero who gives you twice as much gold per building destroyed, keep building your army and attacking. once you have more space you can build a Fetoria or two to help with resources.
    • 5th Level - Before converting Afonso, build up your base and economy, this will allow you to quickly build the army you need once everyone else turns on you. Once converted you will need to destroy Diu's wonder, this is quite easy as you are given cannon galleons, then you will want to go on the attack. a mixture of cannon galleons /ships to attack by sea and a land army should suffice.

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