King of Africa Achievement

  • King of Africa



    Complete the Sundjata Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed

    Sundjata was the second Campaign of "The African Kingdoms" expansion to Age of Empires 2 but has been extensively reworked and now consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.

    The following level specific achievements can also be unlocked during this campaign. See their achievements for more details.
    Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - Is quite easy, don't bother with attacking orange, just focus on defending your base once you have it, which is quite easy if you build gates at all the entrances. Build an army then attack red.
    • 2nd Level - Build your base and economy quickly, to defend your blue ally in the short term, build some gates at his base entrances as the enemy rarely attack with enough force to do damage and maybe station some cavalry nearby. When taking enemy bases you only need to get the relic cart to the relevant location for them to resign.
    • 3rd Level - At the start avoid the enemy bases where possible, travel past the yellow base in the south east as they will prove useful later, once you get your small base, work your way round the outside of the map capturing supplies, don't capture the villagers until later as once you do green's will become active. a good place to build your base once you have the villagers is near the yellow traders in the south east. once you have a large enough army the best place to attack green is near there southern market, if you break the wall down and win the skirmish against there army, you can take cavalry and just rush the markets ignoring everything else to win the mission.
    • 4th Level - You can try and defend the grey docks for wood but it's not entirely necessary, boom your economy then make allies with green and yellow asap, green's have a good amount of wood in their base, and you need to rescue their princess for With the Help of My Sisters (10G) .  If going for that achievement it is recommended you save first as it will require you to sacrifice most of your economy due to population restraints, then reload or use the army to go on the attack.

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