Cakkavatti Achievement

  • Cakkavatti



    Complete the Bayinnaung Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed

    Bayinnaung is the first Campaign of "The Rise of the Rajas" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.

    During the first mission Chasing the Crown (20G) can be unlocked

    Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - After completing the 1st objective and hopefully netting the Chasing the Crown (20G) achievement, just age up, build up a small army and attack the yellow base, south of yours before attacking the blue base and capturing the monument to win. NB: you could build a castle just south of your start to lure the yellows troops to death.
    • 2nd Level - Don't worry too much about losing a relic or 2, you're on the defence from the beginning and cant build walls, towers, castles or markets. you can however build a wall of houses for defence, your main threat will be the yellow, just build some troops (your unique unit is good) level them up then take them out first, try to keep your monks alive at the back healing your men. Once your in the imperial age don't be afraid to spend some gold. The yellow base to the north has some gold mines but more importantly if you research redemption at a monastery and you're careful you can convert their market making this scenario easier, one the yellow's are dealt with focus on the reds to the east. The blues in the west can be left alone.
    • 3rd Level - Ideally you want to kill Smim Sawhtut at the start of this mission to make your life easier later, i found the best way to do this was take your villager to get the monk, move the monk down and convert the warrior, use the warrior to kill the priests etc in your way, then use your monk to convert one of the elephants from the start, once this is converted your monk will likely die but just lure the other enemy elephant back to the start and use the blind monk to convert that one, then you should have 2 elephants to kill him with. You can build your base near where you get your main army, only the Oranges to the east should prove difficult to kill but just build your army and some siege then go on the attack.
    • 4th Level - You don't have to worry about economy really in this level, whenever you capture a villager just set them to work on the nearby resources (normally food) keep pushing forward and top up your men when you get a new base, the side objectives can be useful especially converting the king and prince as this will take control of their remaining troops.
    • 5th Level - The start of this can be quite difficult as you can't build men, you'll want your 2 armies to meet up as you can lose a lot of your starting men, move your eastern army south taking the first 2 monasteries along the way, meanwhile take your western army south as well using your navy to take out shoreline defences (try and protect your cannon galleons, land your other army as far south as possible to be able to move them to meet up with your main one, once you have been to all 4 monasteries you gain vast resources. Simply build a large army in the east with many cavalry and siege (bombard cannons and trebuchets) research all relevant techs the go on the offensive. a group of monks can be useful to prolong the lives of your men. You'll want to attack the 3 bases in the north east first one after the other. with your other base build a navy of say 20 galleons/fire ships and another 10/15 cannon galleons and use this to attack every building you can from the sea at the same time moving up the coast.

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