Island Hopper Achievement

  • Island Hopper



    Complete the Gajah Mada Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed

    Gajah Mada is the second Campaign of "The Rise of the Rajas" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.

    During the second mission, No Royal Hair Touched (20G) can be unlocked

    Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - Quite easy, just build an army and roam the map, you don't even really do too much research as this can be found if you explore the map, you can ally with the Mongols to buy time. if you need.
    • 2nd Level - Once you have reached the King (see No Royal Hair Touched (20G) for more details) you'll need to defend him in the short run, garrison him in the castle and 4 arbalests in each tower, your troops should easily be able to defend the island, if you used a siege tower to get over the wall rather than breeching the gate you shouldn't really be attacked too much either as most of the enemy can't get to you as the enemy gates are locked. Build your economy and an army then work your way around the outside of the city taking out some forces to make life easier before pushing through, make sure your path is clear before you move your king forward. You could use your castle to build some trebuchets and work your way round to destroy everything in reach of your little island.
    • 3rd Level - It's important to note you don't need to defend your allies they will always rebuild later if they're destroyed, boom your economy and you'll probably want a navy of cannon galleons with some support ships to take out everything you can reach. The yellows are best dealt with early on, I found best way was to drop a castle in the flagged area near their base, this can take out all their men and deny them resources, if you run out of gold/stone on your island don't be afraid to go to your ally's for island for it, though trade cogs with your eastern ally is also a good way to get gold. 
    • 4th Level - Another quite easy level, once you gain your base you can cancel the 2 towers and build a castle straight away, build you economy using fishing ships/traps for food. Then build a navy consisting of galleons and cannon galleons, it's probably easiest to take out the blues in the centre then the east first, then move onto the greens in the west followed by yellow in the south, you only really need 10 cannon galleons and 10 galleons, you also only need to destroy the docks for each enemy to resign.
    • 5th Level - Quite a difficult level to finish with, you start with an army but no base, you can choose which one to take and both have there benefits, the far northern one is isolated on an island so is easy to defend and also allows easier trade to the grey settlement in the east but requires you to build a navy, You can't build siege in this scenario but it's as simple as build you economy, build an army, roam the outside of the map to take out the bandit encampments to give yourself breathing room, once you have your full army go on the attack, take the flags in the city to get buildings and use them to replenish troops as they die quickly.

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