Rebel with a Cause Achievement

  • Rebel with a Cause



    Complete the Le Loi Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Le Loi is the third Campaign of "The Rise of the Rajas" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of six levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.
    During the fifth mission, Not a Greek Tragedy (10G) can be unlocked. Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - Build a base, your starting position is actually quite good, then build your economy and a small army. Take your army round the map and take control of the villages but avoid the blue bases they are too heavily fortified. Keep a watch on your allies, if they look like they are in trouble you could always build a castle in their base and rebuild the walls.
    • 2nd Level - As soon as you get your men you'll want to build a small economy and some troops, archer units are good for killing enemy soldiers but you'll probably want some battle elephants / infantry to kill the buildings at the camp. Once you have an army move it out the northeast exit of your base and clear the path east to the camp then kill the buildings there, once this is done take Le Loi and put him there for safety (shouldn't be attacked) then take your army back to your base leaving a few around the north east exit to ensure the path is clear for your allied troops too get out. you're base will be destroyed but try and hold out as long as you can, the only economy you need is there to build troops consistently.
    • 3rd Level - Quite an easy level, work your way around the outside destroying the enemy that gets in your way, help the farmers near to where you start and also rescue the villagers, once you have rescued all the men you can take the transport ships you find across the water and build a new base, boom your economy then go on the attack, you can even build a castle near the entrance to their base to help defend and lure out some troops. Try to do the secondary objectives as they will get you gold etc.
    • 4th Level - Another quite easy mission, boom your economy then attack, your unique units are good at destroying walls, towers etc if you have a large army of them, or use trebuchets, you can take out the green to north and purple to west to make life a bit easier but it isn't necessary. Make sure you don't damage the gun powder stores when destroying the towers next to them
    • 5th Level - See Not a Greek Tragedy (10G) 
    • 6th Level - At the start try to keep as much as your army alive as possible, then once the battle is over build your economy at both bases, the western base will most likely need a castle to the north to defend it, you can then use all your starting troops (maybe build a few more and definitely get blacksmith/university upgrades etc) to choose which way to attack, you can go either west or east, just take it slow, wipe out the light blue base whichever way you go then proceed through the centre destroying castles etc with your siege whilst defending with your units.

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