The Cabbage King Achievement

  • The Cabbage King



    Complete the Ivaylo Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Ivaylo is the first Campaign of "The Last Khans" expansion introduced with Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.
    Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - Can be quite difficult to defend your base early one, send out some troops to explore to gather animals, your main defence will be to the west to defend from the blues, your unique building the Krepost is like a mini castle and can help you defend. Build your economy then you'll want to go on the attack, you can attack the blues to the west if you wish, each yellow base is easily defeated by destroying the castle then the Bolyar within you don't need to destroy other buildings. If you choose to ally with the Green's station a few units around his Hero as when the final yellow base falls he will change stance back to enemy with you.
    • 2nd Level - At the start, ignore the villagers you cant save them, continue round the outside heading past the central church to the main red base which will become yours, once it does build your economy, you can actually wall yourself in further down blocking off the greens bridge and access from the church, then just build an army and go on the attack against your enemies, by taking out your enemies you should be able to make it easy to defend the church (make sure you keep men nearby to re capture the church should the enemy near victory). you can actually build castles close by to the main bridges helping you defend the island and keep the enemy away.
    • 3rd Level - At the start stick to the western edge of the map, get to the transport ship then sail to your allies base in the north. Once you have control of the base don't worry about economy, just start spamming out troops as you'll be consistently attacked (don't neglect upgrades too), you can also build a castle or Kreposts before your walls are breeched for defence (don't worry about losing villagers a new one spawns automatically if one dies. Once you have got to a stage where you can wield a large army (cavalry is a good option) go on the attack, if you chose to take out the greens and reds to make defence much easier just focus on killing the 3 khans ignore all buildings at each of there bases (the khans are purple heroes), once you do they'll become your allies making it significantly easier. You can also take your cavalry assuming you have about 60men and just ride straight for the tent and destroy it.
    • 4th Level - Immediately above where you start is a statue, if you convert the villager above this, you can then move forward with him to find a scout, again move him forward until you find both the next villager and the one above that near the lumber camp, you can then move him forward towards your allies base and find more villagers including a couple who can cut down the trees in your path. once you get your base build the economy and build some defences then you'll be able to go on the attack, the yellow base is in your way but can largely be ignored as can the purples once you have an army. Once you have a clear path, run your hero to the friendly castle.
    • 5th Level - Once you reach the friendly camp and get some men, convert the passing villager and take your military north to the Hungarian town centre and destroy it. Build a base and economy and some troops, you will lose this base once you kill the Hungarian leader in the castle, so don't worry about building an excessive army or the best economy (you will however before you do this want to research everything as this will save resources later, once you get your 2nd base build some defences and your economy quickly. you'll want a large army and i found best method was to secure the middle crossing leading to the small island with a monastery on, by building castles on the island and both banks of the river you can separate the 2 enemies and also create an area for you to build the navy you will need to destroy the greens, for the purples ignore most buildings and just get to the wonder and destroy it. You'll need a large navy for the greens, demolition ships are very beneficial at smashing through their lines and taking out their docks as they wont rebuild.

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