Empire of the Steppes Achievement

  • Empire of the Steppes



    Complete the Tamerlane Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Tamerlane is the second Campaign of "The Last Khans" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of six levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.
    During the fourth mission Raging Wildfire (10G) can be unlocked
    Some tips for the other missions are:
    • 1st Level - Quite easy, at start gather your full army and head west to the blue base, once its in range head north around the outside then come down and aim to kill their hero unit whilst leaving all other untouched, once you kill him the base will become your allies. From there build a small economy then take your army and head north west again this time attacking the dark blue base, kill there town centre and villagers and they will resign, you should now have access to 2 of the 3 relics needed. The red base in the north has both its markets outside of if it to the east and the west, destroy these and the should stop building as many men, then you can go on the attack against them.
    • 2nd Level - Quite easy again, try and complete the secondary objectives to make it easier, build your economy with the free villagers you keep getting, and build an army including some siege to take out any 3 enemies (you'll also get free troops from your other ally), after this your ally to the north will change stance and try and attack you, before you destroy the 3rd castle you could build some castles in their base to help kill them, or alternatively just take your remaining army and go on the attack.
    • 3rd Level - After the initial battle you can setup your base north of where you start, then take your remaining army west to the grey base, go round the outskirts to lure out the troops and kill them without harming the buildings, once you kill all grey troops the base will become yours, from their build a small economy (don't worry too much about food) and try to complete the secondary objectives as these will help you. Once you have a large army pick 2 enemies and go on the attack, siege rams can be useful against there defensive structures.
    • 4th Level - See Raging Wildfire (10G) 
    • 5th Level - At the start, set your fishing ships to work it's definitely worth building some new ones, take your army south slightly and take out the small red base, then move south until you capture the base, from here boom your economy, you can take your army to take out your nearby enemies whilst they are still weak, in particular the red base to the north east and the yellow base just south of yours. If you save an enemy market at either of these bases you can trade with it to get your gold up, once you have spare resources exchange them at the market for gold too, but don't be afraid to spend a few to build a reasonable army as raiding enemy bases is a great source of gold.
    • 6th Level - As soon as the level starts, look to boom your economy, i recommend building 3 town centres straight away, then take your whole army 1st anti clockwise round the enemy stronghold and defeat the blue enemies there, then work clockwise around the centre taking out the dark blue enemy bases and completing the side missions, in the mean time if your economy is building, start building your defences, with castles and walls, when the timer is nearly out, bring your army back to your base to help defend. Once the defence is completed build a new army consisting of troops and some siege and go on the offensive, first against the reds to the west of your now allied base, then south to the stronghold to defeat them and win the scenario.

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