Yes We Khan! Achievement

  • Yes We Khan!



    Complete the Kotyan Khan Campaign.

    *Story related and can't be missed
    Kotyan Khan is the Final Campaign of "The Last of the Khans" expansion to Age of Empires 2 and consists of five levels. Upon completing the final one the achievement will unlock.
    During the second mission, Cuman Flush (20G) achievement can be unlocked. During the fifth mission, He Won't Be Back (20G) achievement can be unlocked. Some tips for the missions are:
    • 1st Level - Quite easy, just take your cavalry and go from base to base as quickly as possible gathering as many men as possible, avoid the castle in the east until your objective is to destroy it.
    • 3rd Level - Head for your ally at the start, then to the base, from there you need to quickly boom your economy and make an army, i chose to use a mix of the unique unit and camel's then ride round the bases capturing them back, finally head south to the ally and break through the enemy lines guarding them, ignore the east of the map entirely as you'll just loose men.
    • 4th Level - At the start, explore the area to find missing ox carts and take them to your base, rather than train new men look to upgrade the ones you have so they last longer, once ready attack the yellow base and take the trebuchets, at this point the oranges and blues will turn on you so take your army to the middle of the map to cross the river using the transport ships. Once across the river, try taking out the small bases, if your running low on troops after the first couple of bases, stay as close the the edge of the river as you can and head towards your new base to sneak past the towns, after taking out the castles and several towns take you army and run for the end, there is a path round the outside of the red base you don't need to attack it.

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