No Wonder on My Watch Achievement

  • No Wonder on My Watch



    Destroy every enemy Wonder before it is completed in the sixth Attila the Hun mission.

    This can be quite difficult and a bit of a rush but part of it is knowing when the enemy will build a wonder.
    • Patavium (purple) who start next to you will build a wonder straight from the start
    • Aquileia (red) in the north build when your troops enter Patavium's walls
    • Mediolanum (green) to south of your base, build a wonder at the hour mark
    • Verona (yellow) in the east build once you have entered Mediolanum's walls
    • Patavium (purple) build a second wonder once you have entered Verona
    A basic strategy might may be as follows:
    • Build a castle near the lake at Patavium early on and attack the gate, this will lure out there troops. Then destroy the wonder.
    • You will want to destroy part of the town later on if you get chance as they will still continue to build troops from there and also build a 2nd wonder there later.
    • Aquileia's wonder can be attacked from outside there base by going to the far north with trebuchets, they will resign once the wonder and town centre are destroyed
    • Mediolanum's wonder can also be attacked from outside the walls via going as far east to the coast with trebuchets. It is recommended that if you have time you take out there outside castle and some of the base before they start building. They will resign once the wonder and town centre are destroyed.
    • Verona's wonder should be easy as by now most enemies should be dead and you should have a large army, if you take out there town centre and wonder they will immediately resign after this.
    • Patavium's final wonder is also easy as everyone else should be dead by now, so once you have destroyed Verona's just take your army back and quickly destroy it forcing them to resign once there 2nd town centre is also destroyed.

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