I Was in China Before Achievement

  • I Was in China Before



    Defeat the Jin before they start constructing a Wonder in the third Genghis Khan mission.

    One of the harder achievement in the game. There are a couple of strategies for this but you will need to be quick either way. The best method I've found is as follows:
    Immediately take your army east to the engineers' base and capture the transport ship then the villagers. Move the transport ship to the east side of this island, then send your villagers across the sea to the island with Jin followed by your army. Build your town centre here followed by building a castle next to Jin's north gate (so it is in range of the two towers at the very north of Jins base). You will want to use this to destroy the towers, gate and any men that come into range.
    You will want to research murder holes and also build a stable or two and start building camels. Quickly boom your economy, when you need gold there is some next to the two towers of Jin.
    Start sending raiding parties into Jin's base to harass the villagers to the north and lure the troops to your castle. As soon as you can you'll want to build a second castle just south of the stone so it is in range of the stables. This should now help prevent Jin building his wonder and have delayed it. Finally, once the stable is destroyed, build a third castle below where his stable was to attack the town centre. Once this is destroyed Jin should surrender and the achievement unlock.
    Remember to keep training troops to harass Jin and also some siege units if you can to quickly destroy his buildings.

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