The Go-Getter Achievement

  • The Go-Getter



    Defeat the Hungarians before Subotai has arrived in the sixth Genghis Khan mission.

    To defeat the Hungarians you must only destroy their two castles and two town centres. Do this before the 40-minute mark when Subotai arrives.
    You'll want to boom your economy quickly as always. Then, build at least one castle by the bridge. Build a mix of Camels and Mangudai and lure as many of the enemies over the bridge into your castle early on. You'll want about five trebuchets, once you've cleared out some enemies take your army and attack the first enemy castle. You'll probably want to build another castle on the other side of the bridge. Move forward and quickly break open the gates and take out the second castle, then take half your Saboteurs to each town centre (one to the south and one to north west of their main gate) and quickly destroy it to end the mission.

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