Hot & Spicy Achievement

  • Hot & Spicy



    Prevent Tabasco from being defeated in the third Montezuma mission.

    This achievement needs you to be very quick at the start, You will want to take four villagers and your lone scout towards Tabasco. Have the four villagers build a mining camp and the set of stone closer to there base and quickly mine for enough stone to build a castle. Meanwhile begin building your economy as normal.
    Early on Tabasco will be attacked. You will want to use your one scout to attack Cortez's Rams. Their town centre should be able to deal with the normal enemies. As soon as you have enough stone build a castle next to Tabasco's town centre and repair any damage that has been done to the town centre.
    This should help prevent them from resigning. It is recommended that you build another castle on the other side of the town centre as soon as possible and remember to research murder holes as well as any other techs that increase defence. Be wary of cannon galleons as they can attack your building out of range.

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