Battleship Achievement

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    Win "Lepanto (1571)" without allowing any Turkish Transport Ship to unload on your shores.

    Immediately as the game starts press F3 to pause the game. You will then want to instruct all the villagers around the wonder to do something else such as economy, etc. Doing this will prevent the enemy from rushing you immediately.
    You will want to build defences along the shore line, essentially just castles to prevent the enemy from landing and make use of your navy to destroy transport ships.

    Note: destroying a transport ship with a demolition ship will obtain you the D-Day (D stands for Demo) (10G) achievement.
    The best place to build some castles is on the edge of the nearby islands as this will mean the ships have to pass to get to land.
    You can later on build plenty of elite cannon galleons and go on the attack. This will allow you to destroy the enemy docks and buildings as well as sink the transport ships still at their base preventing them from ever reaching you.
  • Build and upgrade towers and bombard towers all along the coast and islands. Easiest 50g in the game considering some of the 5g achievements!

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