Rome Was Destroyed in One Day Achievement

  • Rome Was Destroyed in One Day



    Destroy all Roman Castles before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fourth Alaric mission.

    Easily one of the hardest achievement in the game. You will need to know how to quickly boom your economy and also micro manage your armies.

    It is recommended that you slow the game speed down if you struggle and also use F3 to pause from time to time as this will allow you to manage more things at once. For the boom of the economy don't go overboard but you will probably want, say, 20 villagers each on wood and food, and 10 on gold. Also set red to ally so you don't waste time accidentally attacking them as they pose no threat.
    As soon as you start you will want to take your main army east to your ally, and then you scout west to the other one. This will mean they start attacking the enemy as soon as they can. You will also want a castle quickly so you can start building trebuchets with Huskarls as support.
    The video below serves as a good guide along with the following:

    Campaign Achievement “Rome Was Destroyed in One Day” Standard Difficulty Playthrough

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