Roar like a Lion Achievement

  • Roar like a Lion



    Win the fifth Sundjata mission on Hard difficulty.

    As you would expect from the difficulty level, this can be quite hard and you will need to be quick. As soon as it starts you will want to boom your economy. The enemy will be aggressive and you will likely want a land army and a navy. For your land army, Gbeto warriors are cavalry can be good, though be warned the enemy will counter. It's also useful to back these up with a group of monks to keep them alive as resources will become scarce later in the game. Finally, have some trebuchets for siege, especially gold and stone. For the navy you will want some fast fire ships and cannon galleons, shortly into the game the enemy will build a wonder, at this stage you'll want to take a couple of transport ships of troops and your navy to them, but be warned of the towers in the sea they can be deadly. Use your navy to attack the enemy base from the south, taking out their towers and docks with your cannon galleons, while countering their war galleys with your fire ships. Then land your army where their destroyed docks are, take some trebuchets to hit the wonder and your army to defend. 
    After the wonder is destroyed, take out as much as the enemy base as you can as they wont really rebuild but take note that it will be a long hard slog of defending until they run out of resources, if you can take out all their docks, you can control the sea with the extra gold. also note there is gold and stone to the north that they will mine if you are not quick, it may be worth taking these early on and saving the gold in your base until later.

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