He Won't Be Back Achievement

  • He Won't Be Back



    Assist King Bela and defeat Austrian Duke Frederick in the fifth Kotyan mission before 45 minutes.

    This can be a bit of a rush, but isn't too bad. The first thing to note is at the start you will want to choose to follow the blues rather than board the transport ship as otherwise the mission will change. Once you go that way, take your army with your cart to the wonder, bring any carts you find here for resources, you'll want to build boom an economy but it doesn't need to be massive you'll need stone and wood asap to build town centre's and castles.

    You can use your initial army to help take control of a couple of the towns by destroying their towers (even better if you assist your ally in attacking so you save your men) this will provide you with more resources, build a couple of castles and some archery ranges then build say five trebuchets and a mix of your unique unit and cavalry archers, then go on the attack against the reds in the west, you can ignore the oranges entirely for the achievement and defeat them later, they don't pose much of a threat.

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