Age of Empires Achievement

  • Age of Empires



    Win a game with every civilization.

    Whilst most of this can come naturally via random map games and the various campaigns, the quickest way to obtain it is via creating a custom scenario.
    You'll want to setup a custom map with several archers for you surrounding a single villager for the player 2. Thereafter set your civilisation to the one you need then save the map, place the map in a custom campaign then play the campaign, as soon as the map loads you should win. You'll then want to change your civilisation to the next one, resave the scenario then resave the campaign. You will need to win as every civilisation and also as it set to "Random" and "Full random". The achievement can be a little glitchy so it's recommended that you just do every civilisation in order even if you have the achievement for that civilisation previously.
    An alternative method would be to play random maps, See Prominent Player (20G) for a quick method of winning a random map game.

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