Relic Hoarder Achievement

  • Relic Hoarder



    Collect all Relics on the map in the fifth Suryavarman mission.

    There are a total of nine Relics to collect and it helps if you move quickly at the start. You start with four in your base (two between your two castles by your army and two at your southern base next to the monastery), You will also want to collect the one just north of your base at the start, keep a couple of guys close by to it, and also the one south of your base. You may have to send some of your starting scouts to defend this from the blues.

    The remaining three relics are a bit harder to get to, though your main aim should be to collect them without winning the mission as you could easily destroy three enemies. I chose to first quick set your economy going then head east with the starting army, you'll probably want a group of trebuchets to go with them, you then want to attack the purple bases along the eastern shore and destroy them in particular you'll need to destroy all the harbours. The seventh relic is just west of the most southern purple base and can be obtained now. Once purple are destroyed you'll need a transport ship as the eighth relic is located in the far western corner of the map on an island.

    The final relic starts in the far northeast, between the red and blue base. It is defended by a castle so blue will capture it almost immediately. To attack the blues, head via the southwest edge of the map. They are not very well defended but are the only enemy who build monks, therefore if you fail to capture the other relics they will be located in their monasteries.
    After placing all nine relics in your monasteries the achievement should unlock immediately. There after you should only have one more enemy to destroy to win the scenario and the campaign.
    During the level you will be offered the chance to pay yellow 1000 gold to ally. If you do this they will distract some enemies for you.

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