Raging Wildfire Achievement

  • Raging Wildfire



    Conquer Delhi at least 5 minutes before the timer expires in the fourth Tamerlane mission.

    Probably the easiest timed achievement. At the start, move all your army forward to try and keep as much alive after the battle as possible. Once the battle is over, take your remaining cavalry south to take out the enemy base, then west to take out the monasteries and finally if it's still large enough to the east to take out the larger enemy base. If not, train some more troops, and meanwhile, build your economy quickly (you start with a lot of villagers so this should be easy). Advance to the imperial age and build a large number of trebuchets (10-15) then with your main army defending them go on the attack against Dehli, take out the castles from distanceĀ and breech open the main wall. I completed this with over 50 min left on the clock so there's plenty of time to spare and it's actually almost impossible to miss this.

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