With the Help of My Sisters Achievement

  • With the Help of My Sisters



    Amass an army of at least 100 Gbeto Warriors in the fourth Sundjata mission.

    To be able to build Gbeto warriors from your castle you must first rescue the green princess from the camp south of their base and take her to their castle. Thereafter you must have 100 on the map at once. This is quite difficult as you are restricted to a population of 125. Therefore it is recommended you save once you have enough resources to build your army, use your villagers to build some extra castles to speed up production then delete most of your units that aren't Gbeto warriors. Once you have an army of 100 the achievement will unlock. If you wish you can try and win the scenario with them as they are decent against buildings, etc. Alternatively reload your save and make an army to your liking.

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