An Army Marches on Its Stomach Achievement

  • An Army Marches on Its Stomach



    Do all secondary objectives and destroy all small bases before army marches in third Yodit mission.

    Whilst there is a time constraint, and the timer will start shortly after the game does it's probably one of the easier ones. That being said, near where you start is a good place to build your base. You'll want to quickly boom your economy and advance to the imperial age. After that you'll want to build an army of cavaliers and have them roam the map and complete the following before the time runs out.
    • Destroy the purple base in the west (leave yellows alone)
    • Destroy the dock in the south (ignore the stone walled red base near here you can't take it)
    • In the centre of the map there are 6 small red bases destroy the military buildings in these and the troops near by, once the flag in them turns grey move on.
    • In the south east destroy the blue castle (rest of the blues can be ignored but kill them if there in your way)
    • in the north east there is a grey monastery that needs to be destroyed.
    You should have plenty of time to spare before he starts moving.

    Note: Ignore the red base in the south you'll lose most of your army if you try to take it and waste time/resources. Once all the above objectives are complete the achievement should unlock immediately providing you have time left.

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