Not a Greek Tragedy Achievement

  • Not a Greek Tragedy



    Win without losing any of your four heroes in the fifth Le Loi mission.

    Not overly hard, just don't use your heroes to attack. You have three bases which are separated. For your western base you can build some economy here and don't really have to worry about being attacked. Garrison your two heroes here in your town centre. The greens have a base nearby, however they are neutral so will ignore you if you ignore them.
    For the central base, move your hero back to your barracks and keep him here. You'll want to build a varied army at this base consisting of champions, halberdiers, archers and probably a few elephants too. Near where the start battle took place just have them patrol this small area as the blues will send trade carts through every five or so minutes that if you can kill it helps. They will be defended but you should be able to keep an army big enough to kill them.
    Your southeastern base is where you'll want to build your main army and a majority of your economy. Once you have an army and some defences (walling off the gap between the river to the southwest can stop the light blues attacking) attack the purple fortress to the east first - it is rarely well defended especially if you killed the trade carts. There is also a purple fort in the centre of the map; whilst not necessary to destroy it it does have a large amount of gold. 
    After attacking the western base, you can choose to move your army north to take out the blue base and join your armies up. If you do this once the path is clear take your hero from the middle base and move him to the southeastern one. Garrison him there to protect him. 
    Finally, take your army to the southern base and break through. Keep along the southern edge of the map until you reach the monument.

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