Kaboom Achievement

  • Kaboom



    Kill 1,000 enemy units using Demolition Ships.

    Start a standard game with the following settings:
    • 1 Enemy - Hard difficulty or higher
    • Civilization - Any with heavy demolition ship, I chose Huns to avoid having to build houses
    • Treaty Length 15 minutes
    • Islands map with Tiny size
    • Post Imperial Age start
    • Turbo Mode on
    • Infinite Resources
    Once it starts send your villagers out to build lots of docks and castles along the edge of your island to defend it. As soon as the docks are built start spamming out demolition ships. By the time the treaty ends you should have a large collection of them (make a save here so if you want to come back later you don't need to rebuild), then just send them in and repeatedly build more to replace, making sure they are set to either aggressive stance or so you have them on attack move/patrol so they kill the first enemies they come across. It should only take another 10 to 15 minutes to kill 1000 enemies.

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