Marco Polo Achievement

  • Marco Polo



    Explore 99% of a ludicrously sized map.

    Start a standard game with the following settings:
    • 1 Enemy
    • Post Imperial Age start
    • Turbo Mode on
    • Infinite Resources
    • Map Size Ludicrous
    • May style (can chose any but team islands or costal are probably easiest)
    • Map exploration - Standard
    • Full tech tree
    Once the game starts you will want to build Hussars and for any sea sections cannon galleons. Work in a methodical pattern so take them up then down so you don't miss bits. It is recommended you save as you go along. Once you are sure you have explored all the map make another save then go ahead and kill the enemy. In the final screen it should say 99 for exploration and the achievement should unlock. If you have missed any then load your save and look around for the bits you have missed.
  • This did not unlock for me. The stats at the end of the game said 99% explored. Played on Random map 1v1 ai on standard. Got the "win with the Britons" achievement but not this, nor the 1v1 standard difficulty achievement.

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