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  • We need more wood!



    Build every building

    There are numerous buildings in the game. See the full list below that are required for the achievement. If you're close but not there, two that you could have easily missed are the house as the French, and the wonders which must be built in the first age, not one after the other.
    There’s also no way of tracking which buildings you have built previously so its recommended you make a list and work methodically. You could double up with the No Mains (50G) achievement and just make sure you build every building with every civilization before winning the match and moving onto the next one, even if it means doubling up on buildings. The “a whole lot of love" and “speed always wins" cheats make it go much faster.
    The full list of required buildings are:
    European civilizations
    • House
    • Town Centre
    • Trading Post
    • Market
    • Mill
    • Livestock pen
    • Church
    • Estate
    • Capitol
    • Factory (Card or Age upgrade only)
    • Outpost
    • Dock
    • Barracks
    • Stable
    • Artillery Foundry
    • Arsenal
    • Fort (CARD or Upgrade CARD)
    • Native Embassy (Available after you build a Trading Post on a native settlement)
    • Saloon
    • Field Hospital (Built by Surgeons which require a CARD)

    Civilization specific
    • Manor (British, instead of house)
    • House (French, not sure what makes it different but it is apparently)
    • Torp (Swedes, instead of house)
    • Bank (Dutch)
    • Mosque (Ottoman, instead of church)
    • Blockhouse (Russian, instead of Barracks)
    Native Americans civilizations.
    • Community Plaza (required for Community (10G))
    • Farm
    • War Hut
    • Corral
    • Tribal Marketplace
    • Nobles' Hut (Aztec)
    • Longhouse (Haudenosaunee)
    • Siege Workshop (Haudenosaunee)
    • Teepee ((Lakota))
    • Kancha House (Inca)
    • Tambo (Inca)
    • Kallanka (Inca)
    • Stronghold (Inca) (CARD)
    Asian Dynasties civilizations
    • Rice Paddy
    • Consulate
    • Castle
    • Monastery
    • Village (Chinese)
    • War Academy (Chinese)
    • Sacred Field (Indians)
    • Caravanserai (Indian)
    • Shrine (Japanese)
    • Dojo (Japanese) (CARD)
    • All 15 Wonder (they need to be built in the Exploration Age, which will also unlock Wonders (30G))

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