Wonders Achievement

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    Build all 15 Wonders

    Rather than aging up via the town centre, the civilizations from the Asian Dynasties expansion (Indians, Chinese and Japanese) age up by building wonders. Each of the three civilizations has five wonders to build. Note they are all required for the We need more wood! (20G) achievement; however, this is also glitched in a way that means you must build them in the exploration age. So to quickly get this, start a Skirmish game with one of the civilizations, with infinite resources in the exploration age, and as soon as it starts have your villagers build the 1st wonder, then use the cheat “Speed always wins” to speed it up. Once in the next age, resign and start a new match, this time building the second wonder in the list to age up, and then rinse and repeat until you have built all five wonders with all three civilizations.

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