Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms Achievement

  • Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms



    Picked each Hausa Alliance once.

    Hausa Age up by choosing Alliances. There are 8 in total so this will take a minimum of two games.
    Start a skirmish game in the Exploration Age, any map, infinite resources. Once it starts, enter the cheat 'speed always wins' then age up four times, picking four different allies.

    NOTE: The Allies always remain in the same order but only five can be shown at once, so in the first game, you pick the first one on the list every time you age up, and the second game, pick the last one on the list and this should mean you don’t miss any.
    The allies required are
    • Berbers
    • Hausa
    • Moroccans
    • Songhai
    • Akan
    • Fulani
    • Yoruba
    • British

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